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  • getting along okay, just crawled outa bed and looking at some apple turnovers. and you?
    Hey, there. I can't say that I've given those much thought. I liked IRC, particularly in the olden days, but I got less interested over time. I'm sure there would be some benefits but I guess I'm more focused in my socializing these days.
    That's quite hard to tell out of context, especially since he's probably using some expression related to Sicilian dialect... in which kind of phrases/situations does he say it? Also, is he so unapproachable that you can't ask him what he means? :p
    Funnily enough the times I went to Sicily and heard people speaking the local dialect I had absolutely no clue what they said! xD (even when they're speaking Italian their inflection sometimes makes things pretty hard to decode...)
    I've been good! I've actually recently been to the U.S. twice, for a few months, to visit my babyfox Pianissima in Los Angeles ^^ How about you?
    Too turistic for my tastes, and never happened to go there for work, as opposed to most of the other cities. I'm confident it'll happen sooner or later, until then I'm in no hurry to go there :p
    You'll never find Chris in the same chat as me. He appears to hate me and I honestly don't know why. I sent him a message telling him I got money, and asked how much I owed him, and even offered to give a little extra to make up for it. But instead he wouldn't answer my question, blocked me, then started spreading shit about me all over London and online.

    Alex is fine, though he is rarely active on Skype.
    I'm fairly quiet, yes. My behavior in the Skype groups and stuff was weird because of the people I was around. If you were to get to know me individually you would probably be surprised how boring and normal I really am
    Yeah. I've been on here for a while. Anyway how don't I seem like the type to be on here? (Also welcome back and happy late birthday!)

    Anyway I'm not greatly addicted to KFC anymore. I'm slowly becoming 'normal'
    According to komodokitty all of them use 22 gauge wire with one AWG up or down for fudge room. I had to buy it on black friday at radio shack and waited in line for 20 minutes to buy 3 spools of hookup wire. The guy at the counter told me he had great sympathy for me.
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