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  • It's funny it took me 5 months to notice your last username change. Interesting choice.
    Hey thanks. I'm doing well. I finally got my book finished and e-published to Kindle. My wife's not doing so well as she had to have a toe amputated on Tuesday. It's one of the bad effects caused by diabetes. I'm back to doing wound care on her foot. Hopefully it will heal. I hope all is well with you?
    Cool, I'm glad you're well. I've spoke to some people on here who seem really nice, it's quite refreshing after some of the hit and miss experiences that I've had on some of the other similar sites... I was looking at a thread about a meet in London which seemed quite interesting but unfortunately the timing is not great for me (27th Dec) and also distance and money are holding me back but hopefully I'll get another chance. That actually might work out better once I know people a bit better as I've only been here for about a month - everyone here seems so nice, I would have never even though of the prospect on another site but here everyone seems normal :) Have you been up to anything interseting in your time here then?
    Hello there! It's great to see yet another Brit on here, so good to be not alone! :) sorry, I've not long joined here and I'm really enjoying it :) hows it going mate?
    Yates correction is a formula you use to calculate the test statistics in a 2x2 contingency table when doing a chi-squared test. Though I can't seem to find it in my revision book so I'm a bit like What?!?! Delusional teacher.... (Did I say that out loud? xD) Also, I just realised your not on my friends list. That's just unacceptable. I shall send an invite -1 seconds ago :)
    Anyway, I'd better get back to Stats Revision. I've got the Statistics part of my A2 maths tomorrow. Yay
    Yates correction anyone? :(
    Yeah that's pretty much how I real. I've forgotten all of the movement vectors for the NPC's. I can't even get them to move in straight lines anymore.
    Since starting the game, I've taken up PHP. I seem to have replaced my knowledge of Byond with PHP. All I can think about is putting semi-colons at the end of everything, then wondering why the editor goes WRONG!
    I only started the game cause I thought it would be fun, and I thought there was a niece for it. It seems im right by the amount of people who want it. Still, there's a long way to go.
    Well, regardless of were im headed, I need money so I'm gonna find a job and work all summer. Might not be glamorous but it needs to be done in the end.
    Otherwise i'm probably just going to relax without all the stress of these exams, and hopefully get that long anticipated game of mine off its feat and into the public domain. I hate uncompleted projects as it is, and it's a shame i've let it drop as much as I have :(
    What about you? :)
    TO be honest, Im not actually that sure. I should really go look it up.
    As for Uni's, Im in a real pitful there. I was originally going to take a gap year. As thus, I only applied to the Uni I wanted to go to. No fall back or anything. That was fine because if I didn't get my deferred entry, I could reapply during my gap year to places with a lower asking grade, or retake an exam to get my grade up.
    However, with the cost changing, I've been forced to go this year, meaning I only have 1 offer. And I'm really, really worried im not going to get it. It's stressing me out. Big time.
    Why thank you :)
    Yeah had a stressful couple of months, college and all. Let's hope it all pays off! :)
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