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  • Good to see a Floyd fan they are a brilliant band. Sadly ive never been to a concert even though the pink floyd experince played in my town not long ago. I have a few of their albums on wax tho.
    I'm NOT big on MIDI actually, I prefer piano roll composition. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I can't play the piano to save my life. =P

    I'm more of a guitar guy, as far as instruments go. XD
    Ahh, okay. I know Logic is very big on MIDI, but I've never used it. I barely know how to run Logic, I've never taken the time to sit down for a solid day and get the interface figured out.

    Mainly, I just use Fruity Loops, which (I believe) can do MIDI, but doesn't specialize in it like Logic does.
    Actually, I've only barely heard of any of those, I'm assuming they're musical composition programs.

    FL is Fruity Loops Studio, and I also have one called Reason 5. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Logic and Reason are similar. ;P
    Heya thurr! Do you have FL Studio 9?
    (If not, how opposed would you be to getting it? *Free, of course*)
    Oh wow :eek: Ill give ya a call if my altern band ever forms :p lol
    Bed sounds good, hence why I am currently using the lappy top.
    Ah nice Ableton is pretty good, although I mostly use Cubase myself. I'd like to play gigs one day but I'm focusing on my music tech degree right now.
    I am good, rarely get time or these forums these days. But there are loads of people from the UK here, so you are far from alone.

    Good to see that you are settling in, in some ways. Been up to anything interesting on the site?
    Hey I'm good thanks, likewise it's cool to meet another brit :) Kinda like yourself, I produce electronic tunes and do a bit of DJing, but can't really play much other than bad piano. Hope you're liking it here btw.
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