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  • Yo! Just a short note telling you that in all its wisdom, my current employer has me working from 1400 to 2200 this week. So I might not be able to get online before after that.
    Looking forward to hearing about it. :)

    Tonight and the start of the week might be filled up for me. But maybe we can catch up come Tuesday night?
    Cool! Must be a hectic time for you then. :) Due to some unfortunate circmumstances, I'm still working my old job, for now. But I do plan to move away and attend university in the fall. Cripes, I can't wait for my life to begin again. You know the feeling?
    Hiya! I've missed you too Martin! I'm alright, can't complain too loudly. How is life treating you? :)
    I always try to keep my head above water. I'm more than happy to cancel my entertainment stuff to save doe. Even when I go out, I rather starve than eat out. Any entrance fee to a place is a no from me... Maybe ten or under might be an exception depends how good the place is.

    Here, I could spend £15 on a weekend on travel alone without buying anything. I get told I'm tight with money but I'm just trying to be sensible with it.
    I can see the phone call now. "Mum, You know that I really, really love you." My sister does that now and again. Quite amusing to watch.
    Indeed. Speaking of handing things back, just been looking around my room to see what I can sell. I need a few quid. Tempted to buy a few things. I'm a bit frustrated so to speak. A bit too much info, I apologize, but just something to get off my chest so to speak.
    You alright your spamming connections which makes me think you've disconnected but you havnt timed out! (odd!)
    Thanks. Been around for quite awhile just not posting much. Just hardly on MSN. I'm on Skype now and again same with irc chat. But will deffo drop a line in. :)
    I miss you too!! I'll look forward to being there in the mornings for you!! **hugs**
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