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    Thanks for the sweet message ♥
    Yes, I'm feeling better, I guess it takes time to get over things :)
    Learning electronics in school is nowhere near what you actually end up doing in the real world. Once you finish with school, you will more than likely start as a junior engineer learning the real ropes under a mentor. As for me, I'm not doing baseband or anything like that--I do what amounts to power supply IC's. Almost every circuit you come up with needs to have a way of being powered from a stable and clean voltage supply. This supply has to come from rectified AC or other sources that are often poorly controlled. The chips I do provide a clean, stable, DC voltage for power. Some of the ones I do are specially designed for low noise on top of that DC voltage since most RF amplifiers have zero ability to reject supply variations and noise shows up as unwanted sidebands that wreaks havoc on the signal-to-noise ratio.
    hey sorry bout the late reply >< been sleping and runing to doccs and such
    I do power IC's in the analog world (linear regulators, to be exact). Not as glamorous as the cutting edge high frequency world, but a hell of a lot more stable. After all, somebody needs to deliver power to those radio chips!
    Distinguished Distinguished now! But you'll be on the ropes if you stop posting for too long.
    *pounces!* I loved seeing you this weekend!

    It was fun! You should be in Scotland more often!!
    And you met half of my parents!! How awesome is that!! :D

    *snuggles* xxx
    Well Its not a nerological disorder they want to check with a psychevaluation and for me to se a gastro intestina specilist and a ueroligest. I also learned how to make potstickers and im organizing a interevntion to help my friend how cant stop drinking and my sister got arrested. how about you.
    Ya but they cant get much more specialized hopefully. *Hugs* so anything new?
    Ya I havnt been on alot my nets conections been really crapy and my rp moved. I gotta go see a neroumuscular specilist it seems >< great.
    Hey UnMarth. Have you seen or talked to Chiharu? I havnt seen her in over a wek Im Worried somthin mighta happend :<
    Can't say I meant to do it but for the attention that I give post count, I suppose that's an appropriately silly place to use it.
    Eek! Nothing worse than an exam question that contradicts what you already know!

    That's a good thing with philosophy: you just get a short little question that will always make sense.

    Exam times are really quite odd. All philosophy modules seem to be 3 hours, and depending on the course I either stay to the very end or leave before the 2 hour mark! Maths is more stable, 2 hours to do 4 questions that are designed to take half an hour each. :p
    How did your Thursday exam go by the way? My maths one was pretty horrific, although with maths it's so easy to focus on what I got wrong rather than what I got right. (It's amazing that you can get 30% of your exam completely wrong, and still get a first!)

    I do envy those who know exactly what they want to do... hopefully things will fall into place when we finish studying. Starting your own company sounds exciting! If your company goes massive, and you need a man who can do maths and philosophise... you know who to call. :p
    Got two exams, one Wednesday and one Thursday. Pretty stress free, as my exam in philosophy pre-releases one of the exam questions, so I already know what essay I need to write on the day.
    Will be glad when it's all over though, getting tired of revision now... just want to crack on with next term!
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