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  • I've been thinking you're some intense vietnam war veteran or something... 'till I read your Username backwards. *smacks forehead* I should'a had a V8.
    Really?? Most of the people I've seen on here are like the uk none I've seem around my area as of late that is
    I feel...... really stupid. I just realized what your name backwards is. xD
    hmm i dont understand your avatar...
    i see someone on the beach trying to put a (cut off) book betwen his legs
    i somehow just noticed what your name was backwards, love it :D lol
    Haha it can suck sometimes especially with the whole ab/dl side of me. But cool dude I've never really been able to find too many of us here in CT so its cool to know I'm not the only one in this state lol
    hey there im from the new england area too (ct to be exact). feel free to chat sometime
    thx DiaperMan! =)

    hows your summer going? Its been rainy every other day it seems since April!
    I changed the privacy level of my profile during the period (in the last two days) that Snowqueen and Pee Diaper were banned due to Alt. Identity, lying, etc. I realized they were at regular member status and that I had posted in a serious thread Snowqueen had started. I felt so vulnerable and duped. I'll change my privacy level to let you in if need be - just a little shaken.
    I finally looked at your profile. I read your post in the screen name thread. I never would have connected nam repaid = diaper man. I just figured you were a Viet Nam Vet. So could we be friends?
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