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  • Groupie! You are blowing this all out of scale. I guess nothing I can say will calm you down. You want I should go bang my head on the wall for a while? If there is something usefull I can say or do let me know. I really ment no insult, quite the oppsite.

    Well i dont like being compared to something like the fan of a band

    when the hell did i become a fucking groupie?
    Owch! I truely sorry if my "fan" comment hurt you, I actually ment it as a compliment. As I mentioned I respect you as one of the more leval headed members here. It is true the "You finally ready to try some diapers?" part of the post was ment as a tease or taunt but only in light hearted fun. I guess I shoulda added a smiley but I not so good with the finer points of forum life. If you would like I'll deleate the post.

    Well it came across that way.. and i think i know what i am . Just cause i dont talk about everything i do and feel doesnt mean you can judge me by what i DO say. And since when do you need diapers to be a TB?
    I see that. XD
    I just can't help it, though.

    Also, Nam Cobanda = a secret town in one of my games. XD
    Whenever I see your name, I always think of Nam Cobanda Isle for some reason. >.>

    Also, hi!
    Put them back just for you! ;)

    Not sure if I will keep umbrella girl though, but Very Important Princess will stay! :D
    Awww, that's terrible. :( Sorry to hear you were so upset. :( Nice that she came down for the funeral and everything, hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
    no need, once I add you, then we auto. become friends!

    Sorry to hear about your cat. Was it old age? :(
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