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    What was the best diaper you ever had.

    Abena X-Plus of many years ago before they cheeped out in to M-4s, still my go to diaper but a shadow of their ancestor.
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    Discovering Kinks

    My kinks developed on their own, I grew up before VHS porn or internet. I thought I invented enemas playing in the bathtub with an old empty shampoo tube, it was years later I discovered the name and that their a popular thing. Diapers, girls peeing my collection of girl's pantys, I thought I...
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    How's XP Medical recently?

    Why? I don't know but his heart is still in it, I find him as a seller on ebay but out of ID Slips in my size.
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    How's XP Medical recently?

    My last shipment was not so desecrate as in the past, the box was nit inside out just brown tape over part of the M-4 logos and hand holes were punched out allowing full view of packages inside, they used to tape them shut. Still a case of M-4s was $10 cheaper at XP than NorthShore.
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    Do you like your diaper dry, wet, or soaked?

    A diaper is at it's best swollen and full just before it leaks.
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    Why do people hate others for having more?

    Well Sanders and AOC will put an end to that for us they will force the $1000 card guy to give all but $200 to those of us who can't or won't earn the extra $800.
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    AB/DL Pride Heart

    I guess we'll need something different for the straight DL community, or we can just forget protests, marches, flags, etc. and just get along.
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    How the hell do you survive the summer heat without a/c??

    Power here is about $0.19 per kwhr and I run a 13,500BTU window unit that cools a 1000sqft house, in July and August it almost never shuts off. My summer power bills peak at near $200.00 and drop to $65.00 in the spring and fall raising to $130.00 in the winter running my two furnaces.
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    How the hell do you survive the summer heat without a/c??

    I survived my first 40 sweltering New England summers with out air conditioning but for the last 20 I've been happy to pay the extra $125 a month on my electric bill to cool my entire home.
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    Anybody here strictly use baby diapers and goodnights for booster?

    Luvs size 6 as boosters all the time, the "ultra leak guards" version was the best as the backing can be pealed off leaving the SAP sealed in a fluid permeable package.
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    i dont know what to think anymore..

    Kirk, Spock, Jack Sparrow and Nam Repaid too, all the greats are figments of some ones imagination or their alter ego.
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    Anybody regularly go to garage sales?

    Yard sales and Goodwill stores source a lot of my resale items to supplement my income. Storage auctions used to before that damm TV show ruined it and now pickers is wrecking this too you see greedy old ladys with uv flashlights checking all the glassware.
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    Other fetishes

    Watersports girls peeing , enemas etc., pantys, pantys & pantys I've a large collection, souvenirs from girls I've known, clothesline thefts and random finds, and dolls, I've currently four "higher end" "love dolls" and am active in a forum for like minded enthusiasts. My little 100cm Sophie...
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    Luvs triple leak guards?

    I've read some online reviews by moms at the Luvs site saying they ruined a good thing and to hunt down the last of the "ultra leak guards" stock while you can. I wen't to three stores but finally scored a box of 104 size 6 to bolster my supply so it will be awhile before I have to try the new ones.
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    Smartphone Prices

    Buying I anything is being suckered in to buying a status item. Do you need a $500 Gucci wallet that dont do anything different than a $5.00 Walmart one? My $99.00 LG Fiesta does all I ask of it and much more with one year, minuites and some data included.