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    Smartphone Prices

    Buying I anything is being suckered in to buying a status item. Do you need a $500 Gucci wallet that dont do anything different than a $5.00 Walmart one? My $99.00 LG Fiesta does all I ask of it and much more with one year, minuites and some data included.
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    Are plastic-backed adult diapers here to stay in the future?

    One can never predict the future but I think plastic or cloth like covered plastic as many are now will return as a marketing tool. Most parents with diaper age kids I knew during the change to "breathable" backed diapers hated them as I do the adult versions due to weeping and wicking issues...
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    Brand of baby wipes?

    I miss the old Pampers baby fresh something fierce, the new Complete Clean even in baby fresh scent don't work or smell as great.
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    My Experience with Tranquillity ATN

    I like them and wear them a few nights a week for most of the last 10 or 12 years, usually boosted. They have changed a bit in fit, tapes and backing but of the many brands I've worn regularly over the years they have changed the least. Oh and they are the cheapest of the mid range diapers.
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    Abena M4s

    That's a bit true and a bit harsh, whilst a shadow of their former X-Plus glory the M-4s are still the most comfortable diapers I buy and with a Luvs6 as a booster will hold a hard drinki'n night's pee.
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    What languages do you speak?

    I only speak two languages, English and bad English.
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    Super Bowl picks

    The Patriots should go to hell! They duped our governor and by that us Connecticut taxpayers out of millions in their effort to get a better stadium in Mass.
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    And yet again another one, Bye Bye Mini Me!

    Verne Troyer has left this life and again the world seems a little less brighter.
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    Looking to get Abena M2/M3 but not sure where to get.

    Beats the H, E, double hockey sticks out of me but here it is on the return address of the last package I got from XP Medical.
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    Damm! Pampers have changed again!

    The recent Pampers had the "12 hours of protection" tag in the corner of the package while the newest version has "Extra Absorb Channels" and it is a wholly different diaper. The change will likely not affect babys, moms or slim ABDLs who use them whole but I use them as suffers and the new ones...
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    Damm stink bugs!

    So I'm watching a movie on TV while eating dinner, a shield shaped bug is crawling across the ceiling so I get a tissue and squash it. Bad move! My room reeks, my hands too even after three washings. I had no idea until I researched "shield shaped bug" on google. Asian stink bug an invasive...
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    Civic Duty

    No pre-election day trickery, I wen't to the town hall after work and made my self heard!
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    Found Something a bit disturbing

    The animals were fleeing towards the center of the caldera that is expected to erupt "someday" so er, no. As said scary headlines sell, any one old enough to remember when people fell for this one?
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    Swimming in Diapers

    I go in my pool in all sorts of diapers and though some swell like crazy I've never had one "blow". It's not to be done in public as there is no hiding the bulge.They will tear open if you are rough with them and clog the pump strainer, easy to clean. Me swimming in an M-4