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  • I tried sending you a PM but your box is full. You may not have seen the e-mail I sent, so just doing a little cross-coverage.
    The lab is basically cancer research. And basic cancer research. And lots of other things, it's kind of all over the place.

    I majored in biochemistry, just 'cause it sounded cool. And it totally is! But work involves repeating a lot of stuff and then getting a look to see if you messed anything up after 3 or more days.

    Same part of the country? I live 15 minutes closer to campus than I have since I was 5 years old, so mostly. Different part of the same town, except not really.

    Have you met the devil? Did you be all sassy and steal his fiddle? Are you a rising star?
    I....... what to say, graduated in 2014, moved out last December, been working in lab for going on 3 years in July?

    Waffling on grad school and doing all that stuff? :^)

    Yes! But I currently can barely walk or chew gum right now so maybe I'll have to cheat and sing the words separately :D

    I think you owe me a guitar lesson over Skype! I'll bring out my old cracked and corks-missing guitar and you can say "Well uh, like, you kinda hold it like this, lemme draw a picture in paint here". And I'll say "which reed do I use to play the strings". And you'll say "I would start with a guitar pick actually and maybe if you get good like Jimi Hendrix good you can use a reed". And after a while we'll both come out of it better for wear.

    I would use a pick but apparently classical style people never use them, so too bad for my fingers!

    The instructor is from France and he has all these funny ways of doing things. Just like, to quiet the class, he points his guitar at someone and twangs the E string and says "Pow you're dead", or he holds his fists up like he's flying like Superman. Super!
    Oh, I'm in a guitar class - one credit, but it's something I spend more time on than my physics class :detective3.

    The most noob of classes, actually! I don't think the guy in charge of it really has a curriculum since he always just chooses random stuff that he things would be good for us to learn. I like it a lot more than last semester though, since that semester we were working out of the book and learning notes and stuff. I guess it was necessary to start to have fun but yeah, this semester is great!

    Actually he's having us learn a song to play for our midterm (since we're going over chords) and I chose this one. Yeah baby! It is so painful!

    I'm actually still working on how to play it. Calluses first, questions later.
    Yes, but I think I need to get nylon strings. We're learning these different Mexican strumming methods and the steel strings are just crazy cutting into my hands!

    My nails get all chipped too. But it sounds so cool, you like use all four of your fingers and it makes that characteristic mariachi guitarist if you do it right.

    We're also doing chords and stuff but those are another kind of hurt. All stretched fingers, all having to hold down a bar super hard... yow!

    I can see why people use picks :eek:
    Have you said a swear to the devil and gotten a golden fiddle from him yet?
    Looking forward to it! Send me the all the track you can manage. I'll pay you back in aquavit.

    A wise man once said that life is a journey. It matters not what we achieve or won, only that we took part. Only that we took an effort to shape our hopes and dreams around our goals. What I'm, with a bit of awkwardness, is trying to say is that you should be proud of yourself. Life is long. There'll always be time for more adventures around the next turn.

    Honestly, I am no concierge of aquavit. I'm more of a whiskey man myself. But Linie is not that bad, I'd say. Any alcoholic beverage enjoyed in the company of friends is a fine one. (...That goes for all drink though, be it alcoholic or not, doesn't it?)
    Hey, just wanted to poke you and see how you're going. Titus poking me reminded me I havent poked you in way too long :hug:
    So cool! I’d really like to hear some of your music some time! Teaching is very rewarding, isn't it? Lovely that you are able to combine a passion with a proffesion also. Been on any more adventures lately?

    Hehe! I'll bring you a bottle of aquavit sometime. There's all kinds from different parts of the country. I much prefer the "Gilde" kind by the way. Do you know which one you've drunk?
    So far I really like it! Buddhism is something that has interested me for a long time, and I really like the depictions of the beat generation. Plus, Kerouac’s writing is one of a kind. (I think I’ve said so before, but reading him, especially “On the road”, always reminds me of you and your travelogues. :thumbsup: )

    As for me, well, you know the phenomenon of a midlife crisis? I think I got the equivalent of a short time crisis. I’m alright. I just need to find me bearings, figure out what to make of myself again. I’ve tried so hard at several endeavors since the last time we spoke, but nothing seemed to pan out.
    Hey avery! :) Had some time to kill, and decided to come back here and let you know that I am indeed alive and kicking. I miss you. I miss our conversations! Hope you are doing well also? Ps: I finally got around to Kerouac's "The Darmha bums" I'll let you know how it goes. :)

    *one of the greatest bearhugs Titus have mustered in his entire corporal existence* (!)
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