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  • :hug5:

    As you said, life definitely have its ups and downs. There's no changing that. I hope to be more active than I've been, so hopefully I'll see you around!
    Thought I could stop by and say hello.
    I miss talking to you. Hope you are doing okay avery.
    ''are you still joining the army?''

    Negative. Unexpectedly got a job offer at the theater I quit once already. A blessing and a curse; been stuck in a rut since.
    avery! Thank you. Thanks for your well wishes. Hope to talk to you soon.
    Genghis' green Ganges gangrene gringo gang galloped to scalp walloped, callous scallops.
    If you get this tonight, I've been checking out General Delivery and it looks legit. There's a post office 10 minutes from my house but nobody, anywhere on the internets, has given me a definitive answer as to how and what to do to ensure the package gets held at the post office. You say you've used it, right? Or was that just a post saying "here it is"? Anyway, you linked to it so you're responsible! Kind of! If you get this tonight log into Gmail and send me a message. I am quite interested in this prawposishen!

    Yes! Glad you like them. I recently downloaded their album "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning", and it's so cool! Any albums you'd suggest?
    I was simply trying to hint at what you are! Except you're in the north west. I guess you could still be called...


    Also, when I said I was eating crackas the other night? That was it. Your sister was probably in there somewhere.
    They don't really appeal to me aside from some of the more ''metal'' tracks from their heavier albums (Deadwing, Fear of a Blank Planet). Only sent a track to Point because they were the only band I had left that he wasn't already familiar with. (My iTunes is pitiful compared to Point's)

    I'm glad you're both get a kick out of the band. :thumbsup:

    Oh, enjoy the movie.
    You know, I remember in my intro. thread that you said that haha! And I always thought your name was the cool one! It sounds like it could be a British secret agent name. Instead of Bond, it could be "James Avery." It sounds so sophisticated! :cool:

    Hope you had an awesome birthday man :)
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