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  • If I met the devil the last thing I'd do would be to steal his fiddle! That'd just be asking for trouble, especially when I have a perfectly good fiddle of my own.

    I'm a pretty stationary star in the world of musicians who play for local dances. I'm too busy with teaching to have time for much else. I'm not in any bands that play for concerts these days. I didn't even have a St. Paddy's Day gig this year, which is unheard of for fiddle players!
    What kind of lab? (I don't actually know what you majored in) Do you still live in the same part of the country?
    Wow, hi Point! I'm up to my usual activities: playing music, teaching music. What are you up to?
    I already had to spend vast sums just to get it up this high. You don't think there's that many people who are actually interested, do you?
    It could have been a rental. Long have I wished to visit your famous swamps! I only got as close as Las Vegas, unfortunately.
    Only listened to the album stream a few times but I think it's great. Makes ADTOE sound really bland in retrospect, and I enjoyed that album at the time.

    BtV is my jam, ridiculously infectious chorus. Heck, all the songs are jammin'. I even dig the ballad in the context of the album.
    Of course! I've read the series at least once a year since fifth grade, my favorite series by far.
    Wow, that really conveys the majesty of the composer's work! I can see them in my mind.
    I know death growls aren't your bag but this shit is so damn catchy and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Immediately pre-ordered their next album.
    cool beanses! when you say "we" do you mean you and your guitar teacher, or you and a guitar class, or what?

    i've become a big believer in picks and steel strings lately. although if you're going for the mexican mariachi sound nylon and fingernails might be the way to go. i've actually been teaching a lot of guitar lessons lately, although i never intended to be a guitar teacher. it just somehow happened as a result of being a fiddle teacher.
    not yet; i haven't thought up a swear word profane enough to shock him yet. what about you -- are you still playing guitar?
    Dream Theater are releasing a DVD from their recent tour. Looks like it'll be pretty cool. I dunno. C-ch-ch-check it. or just wait till it's all uploaded to YouTube.

    Good luck with your gas problem. :giggles:
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