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    How very thoughtful of you, Luckyfish! Yes, it has been a busy year. I'm not certain, though I think it's nearly been a year since this status. My sincere thanks for your support and consideration!

    Warmest regards, -Marka
    Thank you, Luckyfish! Unfortunately my first group has been without activity for quite awhile...surpassing stagnant. I have yet to populate the remaining two groups... Trying to get back to that! I'll send you an invite just the same...perhaps you can get a fire going under us ;) -Marka
    Luckyfish, though we speak little...I'm still amazed of your spirit...I shall thank you from my heart! -Marka
    You are welcome Luckyfish! I am glad to hear that you're very well, I too am managing reasonably well...and you flatter me :blushing: ...and not solely for reciprocal effect...I too admire your high intellect and compassion!

    Cheers, and good-day friend!
    A belated congratulations for making DC status...I hope you are well! -Marka
    hello, LuckyFish;

    that was a very fine compliment that you paid me in the "anyone feel this way" thread. it makes me very happy to know that someone actually likes some of what i write. let-alone that i have an impact in the life of others....

    thanks again, your very kind;
    little lodge wrecker......
    Loved it, I hold dual nationality with SA, but anyway I was out for my brother's wedding but spent most of my time in somerset west. I was sad to leave actually, a lot of my family are out there
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