Wore a diaper to work today!

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I have been covering for my coworker at the small office where we do business for the whole week. I decided since this is my last day of having the office to myself, that I would bring a diaper and onesie and change into them under my clothes after the guy who handles our shipping left at noon. REARZ Safari and my Tweety onesie! Only a baggy t shirt and athletic shorts covering them up over the onesie. It is exhilarating! I had to help load a freight order onto a truck earlier and I'm not sure if the driver heard the crinkle or not...he didn't comment or act weird so I'm pretty sure the sounds of loading the trailer covered up the obvious crinkle. I have two more pickups today...it has been great just sitting at my desk and being able to pee when I need to without having to get up. :) TGIF everyone!
Congrats. People don't notice and if they do they don't say anything.
Yes Congrats i in vie you where i work it's just too damn hot to even try. I work in a machine shop.
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