1. D

    AB Activities for the Weekend

    I have the house to myself this long weekend. I was wondering if any of you had ideas on what activities I should do. Also, what types of foods should I eat/drink? :)
  2. kashi

    Where to buy Custom Onesie

    Title. Any recommendations on Etsy or else where ideally reasonably priced?
  3. M

    Just converted my Safe into my anti-familymember Ab/DL stash.

    I’m not super hardcore at this. I just like pacifiers and diapers. I decided to stop hiding my stuff in my car and keep it in my safe. Here’s the finished product. I can’t wait till I get my own room so I can wear diapers every night and not worry about trying to cover up the smell of baby...
  4. D

    My Little Pony Onesie

    Im searching for a My Little Pony onesie like this (, but that can fit these size requirements: Bust: 36 Waist: 30 Hips: 36 Length: 28 Height: 5'7" - 5'10" I hope someone can help me...
  5. 2Little2Late

    Onesie For Warmth?

    I was curious if anyone wears a onesie under their clothes for extra warmth but without burning up? If I wear Cuddl Duds under my clothes when I work at night, I roast and sweat to death. But yeah, starting to get cold up here and l need to stay nice and warm.
  6. NorthShoreAdam

    4Care Bodysuit Diaper Covers w/ Snap Crotch Now at NorthShore! 100% cotton onesie style diaper cover in 7 sizes and 2 colors (navy blue and white). Sizes available to fit waists 31 inches up to 48 inches. These are nice to wear over NorthShore Supreme...
  7. D

    Buying a onesie?

    I want to buy a onesie but im having a bit of trouble finding a good site to do so. I was looking at onesiesdownunder at first but they dont accept ideal which is my only payment option. So do you know any good sites to get a onesie? (preferably in europe with discrete shipping)
  8. K

    onesies for larger people

    as the title says i am looking for a larger little Onesie and have been having a rather hard time due to my height of 6'4" and weight of 275 i looked around for a bit and found baby-pants but i'm worried about the sizing however i did not take my measurements because i lack a tape measure...
  9. pottypal

    diapers are my lifestyle

    after being eviscerated i realized i had to pad up, or pee all over the furniture and car as i could no longer tell when i needed to go. i was unhappy about it for a couple of days until i realized that a really good quality adult diaper made me very happy. wearing them has been a joy, and...
  10. J

    Adaptive Clothing

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had good stores related to adaptive clothes small adults could fit into? I have a few sites I found and wondered if anyone has ordered any if these? (back zip clothing)...
  11. G


    Could you wear one of these in public?
  12. SimCo

    Waddler thoughts

    A few weeks ago I bought a Cuddlz Waddler Onezie and a Nuk 6 baby bottle. I promptly forgot about them until they arrived in the mail today and I tried them out. I have to admit I am a little disappointed by the waddler. While it is a little hot (fleece but very soft) I find the waddler to be...
  13. SparkleBunny

    Cups, candy, and my first onesie

    I went on a trip to Nashville with my parents a few days ago. I had gotten candy that was in a toad stool and then a magenta Keroppi tin.The toad stool was cherry and Keroppi was strawberry (both were sour). At a store they had $1.00 party cups so I picked up the old Care Bears and the last...
  14. R

    How to make an adult onesies with snaps in 20 minutes (With Photos)

    I've searched and haven't seen anyone post on how to make a onesie my way. I wanted to share how I make them. For three total, cost me $18 and took 20 minutes. You will need to purchase snaps from a craft store (Walmart has a good set) and a size larger t-shirts. Will need a hammer and a hard...
  15. BabyKai

    Which footed onesie/sleeper/jammies should I buy?

    I've got enough money to buy another footed onesie and some baby toys etc. But, I can't choose which one to buy. I need some help from you fashionable babies out there, haha. Number 1 -...
  16. P

    Onesie and pacifier suggestions?

    So my friend who wants to try this stuff is looking for an all-black paci and one of those snap-crotch onesies that look like t-shirts. Does anyone know where I can find these oddly specific things or something similar to it?
  17. Alphathekitten

    So guys.... I was wondering, there is any major difference between a body and a onesie?

    Because, I just saw one on-line that made me gone crazy! It looks so cute, and it's thankfully cheap. I can even imagine myself waddling around on this body! :rolleyes: (If you're curious, here's the mighty link...
  18. M


    Did anyone thought about using a women's one piece swimsuit as a onesie? It seems fairly comfortable to me, as well as cute since it's very popular and has many designs...
  19. B

    Home-made onesie

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in making my own onesie. I've never done it before and I'm not a tailor neither. So I hope you guys could help, I would really appreciate help. The easies way to do it would be adjust the bigger size of regular T-shirt into onesie. However that doesn't look very...
  20. D

    Nappy Support

    Hey Guys and Gals Besides onesie T-Shirts, what else can be used to support a nappy. I have tried underwear but they seem too tight. I would love to get onesies but i cant get them in SA. Well adult size that is. SO i have a choice of importing them or making them or finding an alternative...