1. dlguy4life

    ABU return question

    I realize this might be a weird question, but does anybody know if ABU has any sort of product guarantee? Where if a purchase is made of their onesies and the snaps break off with only a few usages will they accept sending a replacement to its customer? I’m just curious.
  2. Anonymous96

    Never ordering on Amazon again…. Or at least get gift wrapping

    Ordered a LFB onesie from Amazon, I made sure I was home when it arrived, even though my parents were in. Anyways, it ends up arriving, and the delivery driver had a big smile on her face and gave it to me, it was the onesie in a ziplock bag with little for big branding all over it and a postage...
  3. InGoodNites24x7x365

    Anyone try diaperu bodysuits?

    Has anyone tried body suits? Looking at but wanted to see if anyone has yet tried them?
  4. InGoodNites24x7x365

    Excellent sleeper discovered

    Hi everyone, Discovered a nice sleeper over the winter. U.S. link: Amazon link, for shipping outside U.S., ...I think: These are...
  5. Lildudenugget

    Non see-through White onesie

    Is there any plain white onesies out there that are not see through? I have a plain black one and i want a white one but when you bend over you can kinda see the diaper through the white one as most of the material in them seem thinnish so i dont feel comfortable wearing it in public/at work.
  6. 20220704_133503.jpg


    Hihi! I'm bab❤️
  7. LittleMonsterUK

    Probably a long shot looking to buy older ODU onesie prints in size L/XL/2XL/3XL and shortalls in size L/XL

    As the title implies I’m looking for any older prints of ODU onesies in size L/XL/2XL/3XL and shortalls in size L/XL I’ve fallen in love with them so if you have an old print you don’t wear anymore I’d like to buy it to add to my never ending collection 🙈🥰🤗 old designs not included in the images...
  8. IMG_20190917_203807~2.jpg


    Winnie the pooh onesie
  9. inconsurferdude

    Patterned/colored plastic pants and onesies that aren't embarrassing?

    Basically what the title says. I have dozens of milky white plastic pants and black/white onesies, but I'm sweating so much this summer that I'm sometimes changing everything several times a day and not just my diaper. It's getting hard to tell which black onesie hanging on the towel rack or the...
  10. babyoak

    Help finding this Onesie

    I wasn’t really sure where to post this, as I’ve come across this website many times just never learned the way round it. Anywho, I was super curious as to where I could find this onesie as I find it super attractive and cute.
  11. David00

    ODU Sizing ?

    Onesies Downunder is having a 20% sale, so I thought I might grab a short sleeve onesie. The only problem is that I’m having a hard time deciding what size of onesie to get, cause my mesurments dont exactly line up with the chart. Chest - 36" Waist - 33" Lenth - 29" I usually wear Large...
  12. David00

    Best Size for ODU Onesies ?

    Onesies Downunder is having a 20% sale, so i thought i might a onesie for once. but i'm having a hard time deciding what size of onesie to get, cause my mesurments dont exactly line up with the chart. Chest - 36" Waist - 33" Lenth - 29" I usually wear Large T-shirts, and the best match for me on...
  13. M

    Would I be considered an AB or a DL? Help!

    Hi everyone. Sorry this is long. I am trying to figure out what the best way to describe myself is and I'm hoping you can help me out. I talked to my gf a while ago about about my abdl interest and I told her that I was a DL. First time I opened up about this to anyone and it was terrifying...
  14. Throwawaw11

    lap shoulder onesies

    does anyone know where i can buy a white or black lap shoulder snap bottom onesie. preferred plastic snaps but metal are fine.
  15. kashi

    Where to buy Custom Onesie

    Title. Any recommendations on Etsy or else where ideally reasonably priced?
  16. M

    Just converted my Safe into my anti-familymember Ab/DL stash.

    I’m not super hardcore at this. I just like pacifiers and diapers. I decided to stop hiding my stuff in my car and keep it in my safe. Here’s the finished product. I can’t wait till I get my own room so I can wear diapers every night and not worry about trying to cover up the smell of baby...
  17. D

    My Little Pony Onesie

    Im searching for a My Little Pony onesie like this (, but that can fit these size requirements: Bust: 36 Waist: 30 Hips: 36 Length: 28 Height: 5'7" - 5'10" I hope someone can help me...
  18. 2Little2Late

    Onesie For Warmth?

    I was curious if anyone wears a onesie under their clothes for extra warmth but without burning up? If I wear Cuddl Duds under my clothes when I work at night, I roast and sweat to death. But yeah, starting to get cold up here and l need to stay nice and warm.
  19. NorthShoreAdam

    4Care Bodysuit Diaper Covers w/ Snap Crotch Now at NorthShore! 100% cotton onesie style diaper cover in 7 sizes and 2 colors (navy blue and white). Sizes available to fit waists 31 inches up to 48 inches. These are nice to wear over NorthShore Supreme...
  20. D

    Buying a onesie?

    I want to buy a onesie but im having a bit of trouble finding a good site to do so. I was looking at onesiesdownunder at first but they dont accept ideal which is my only payment option. So do you know any good sites to get a onesie? (preferably in europe with discrete shipping)