1. Jammy

    Want to wear diapers at work with out being notticed ?

    i wanted to know how i can wear diapers at my work/public with out geting caught ? whats the best quite diaper i can wear ? or cloth combo
  2. HockeyGuy

    Tape Adjustments: Surprise Game-Changer

    Does anyone make tape adjustments throughout the day? I only recently discovered that you can greatly extend the use of the diaper by adjusting the tapes midway though use. Before I would just replace when it started to sag after 3-4 hours because I was worried about leaks. Now I just do a...
  3. SecretDiaperAgent

    Question for those who work outside

    Howdy y’all, I wanted to pick your brains and your opinions. I am a Windshield Technician and work outside for about 8 hours a day. I know wearing a plastic diaper outside in the heat can get really uncomfortable. So what do you wear outside that won’t get too hot around your waist and crotch...
  4. Poofybutt

    Feeling Down :(

    Don’t really know where to put this, but I just needed to vent and maybe get a positive chat going, anyone feel free to respond. So I just had a horrible week, nothing but Masters applications, ceaseless hours of thankless, extra-curricular school work, juggling my own thesis obligations with...
  5. AngelKitten

    Back yet again after a personal scare...

    Hello again. Yes, I'm back. It's surprising to me, since I didn't think I was coming back. Shucks, I missed you all too much - binky, caitianx, moo - everyone. I just got a new job at a church I'd been substituting as organist for here where I live. They really scrutinized and put me under a...
  6. PaciPrincesss

    Interesting encounter

    So I had a curious encounter with someone at work last night... I work as a cashier, and this guy came to my register holding only a package of avent pacifiers. At first I just figured he had a baby and theirs went missing and needed new ones. But when he handed them to me, I got a sort of...
  7. tobdy1986

    Wore a diaper to work today!

    I have been covering for my coworker at the small office where we do business for the whole week. I decided since this is my last day of having the office to myself, that I would bring a diaper and onesie and change into them under my clothes after the guy who handles our shipping left at noon...
  8. KittyninjaW

    How do I balance college and private life?

    Hello, everyone, the thing is I get stressed a lot in college and at the end of the day, all I want is just to relax, but sadly I have homework and studying to do, and it stresses me out and I have no time to enjoy anything fun.:( To be honest, This is really hard to think about, because One...
  9. Jeepy

    Drinking a bottle

    Lately I've noticed I've been drinking my bottle almost every night even if I'm not wearing and I find it relaxing after working all day/night. Does anyone else find themselves doing this?
  10. joehiddenabdl

    Looking for work diapers

    Looking for a diaper to wear to work, but it has to fit a specific cirteria 1. It has to be purchasable in the uk,In stores not online needs to be pretty discreet so thin and not crinkly 3. Capacity is not a concern, I'll be wearing these while working with food so I'd only wet/mess on a...
  11. J

    I can't tell people because of my job.

    Hi, I hope you can help me with this one. I find it difficult to tell anybody about my interest as I'm an early years teacher. Because i work with children who quite often wear diapers, i think people would get the COMPLETELY wrong idea and use all the negative associations that I'm sure...
  12. Sitherus

    why cant i find a onesie

    If I can buy a T-Shirt for 5 dollars or less made of cotton Or a night gown/dress cotton for 13 and less then why is it so hard to find a onesie for less than 40 dollars. Also whats wrong with clothing distributors. If your tall your fat.If your skinny your small. Im 6'6" and skinny 200 lbs I...
  13. RainbowDash728

    What would be the best diaper to wear to work

    What would be the best diaper ta wear to work? I can be a heavy wetter and normally work 7-10hrs a day. Right now the problem is the sagging and bulge (i wear an apron) so its the back that will give me away. The diaper i'm using right now is Bambino Bellissimo. Can anyone help me or give me...
  14. Bear85

    life's little problems with ic

    Just curious, and possibly looking for some hints for my own life, how do the other genuinely ic members here deal with being ic with work/home life/school (uni/college)? What I mean by this in my own experience ; I have issues with my living situation, I dont feel comfortable letting my...
  15. Sitherus

    Purchasing diapers for discount from work

    I work at biglots and recently i noticed that they are selling attends. Now, i want these and i have a 30%discount on all in store items, but i don't want to just walk in there and buy them from the people who i work with the people who think they know me well. I would get shy. So i want to...
  16. M

    Wearing for a no-break job

    So, I'm considering working at the upcoming fair (I won't say which one) as a games attendant to make a few extra bucks while I'm still looking for a real job in my career field. The problem is that you can be stuck in the same game booth without help sometimes for a long time. If you gotta go...
  17. Kiyoshi

    Help smuggling pacifier through airport security

    Hey everyone, 29 year old adult baby desperately looking for some creative thought and advice. Background: I have a nuk 5 pacifier (all white) , onsie and diapers at home. I love my binky but travel quite often and only get to use my nuk 5, onsie and diapers every two weeks. I work away from...
  18. SuperSecretFoxy

    For all the Muse fans

    Hey guys, I'm a muse fan. I've listened to every single song they made and I still lov'em, so I made this kinetic typography movie. I didn't finish it because I already put in five hours of work and I was too tired to keep going. This is my first time EVER I made something like this so don't...
  19. B

    Hey! Hoping to get a better understanding :)

    Hi guys, I'm a broadcast journalism student and have recently found out about the AB and DL fetishes (sorry not sure you'd even call it as that or rather an interest- I'm new!). I find it really interesting and would love to write an article for uni on it. I joined this forum to try and gain a...
  20. D

    First Week in Diapers

    On Monday (11/28) I will be able to live 24/7 in diapers for the first time ever. I am committed to going to work and trying to live and sleep my normal life. I hope you'll follow me and you'll help and advise me... stay tuned