Summer Nights and Nappies

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Hi all,

Had a good few warm days and nights here in Ireland over the last two weeks with the result being that I've had to abandon wearing my nappy at night. Even with a window open and the bed covers thrown back, I'm still quite warm and sweating a good bit meaning having a disposable nappy on has become quite uncomfortable.

The nappy doesn't seem too tight, as in I'm wearing them as I have done at night up until now. However, I am not staying in a wet nappy for as long. But I'm still ending up with quite red and uncomfortable skin in around the area where the edges of the nappy is against my skin.

Can anyone recommend a decent cream for resolving this? Or is it just a case of giving it a few days/weeks until things cool down a bit before wearing them again?

I'd try a bit of good old Sudocrem. I've always found it great for sore spots etc.
I wear disposable plastic diapers 24/7, in the heat and huimidity, and even play ice hockey and lacrosse in them. The key to not chaffing your thighs and diaper area is to use as much baby powder as possible during each diaper change.
You may be starting to get a yeast infection. It generally will make your skin red and sensitive to the touch, and cleaning/drying it won't help. (it may actually get MORE painful after it's been cleaned and dried) Most things you might try on it won't give you any relief or may inflame and make it hurt worse - talc, cornstarch, normal lotions. My skin is prone to fungal issues all over, so I use zeesorb regularly to keep that from coming up. You can find that or something similar ("antifungal powder") at most drugstores. They also will sell AF creames that can heal you up faster, good to use overnight if your skin has "gotten angry" during the day.

I suspect a lot of people that complain of a "rash" are actually dealing with yeast. For most people, simply cleaning up (and especially keeping dry) will let it clear up on its own. But for some of us, it can turn into a battle every time it gets any momentun.

Zeesorb is much cheaper in bulk on amazon. I got six containers at a time last time, it lasts quite awhile as long as you only use it where needed and not everywhere.
Are you using any powder at all? I've found that it is key, even with a wet diaper, to keeping me from having the chafing and uncomfortable night diaper because I keep the thermostat high in my apartment to save $$.
Coconut oil is great as well
Try a cloth-backed (or partially cloth-backed) disposable as a less sweaty alternative for the summer...
I find powder and the right size to be key
ChocChip said:
Try a cloth-backed (or partially cloth-backed) disposable as a less sweaty alternative for the summer...

I wear the cloth-like covering Walgreen's Pharmacy CERTAINTY dydees.
I wear an angelfluff super heavy weight night diaper to bed with Medline "Remedy" cream as a barrier,

No matter what diaper you wear anytime your skin health will be better if you don't wear in at least a quarter of the amount of time you do.
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