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  • Yeah its definately handy to just be able to walk in and pick something up. O'Haras is just around the corner from me so its the one i have been going to lately and its so awkward having to talk about what your looking for, and I'm still not confident enough to be like they are for me so they keep asking me questions about the person im buying for which makes it horrible.

    Ordering online is also awesome, cuddlz do great nappies and are real discreet. only problem is that sometimes they split in the back. but they feel great untill that happens
    Hey dude, bit of an inactive member here but saw your intro thread and as it is closed now thought i would say hey to you here. So first off another paddy here. Living in the big smoke at the moment. Saw that you are trying out the boots staydry, if you are looking for awesome nappies you can get real good brands in murrays on tolbot street, the good thing about them is they have them out on display so you can just go in and pick them up. Or O'haras on kevin street. bad thing about them is you have to talk to someone about it, can be a bit awkward. Oharas sell tena but they are a bit pricey got stung with having to pay forty euro, i was using the whole its for a elderly uncle routine so thought it would seem weird if i said no. They do sell chaeper ones but you need to be carefull.

    Anyway there is my little tidbit of advice if you are looking to get more comfy nappies. Anyway welcome to the forum and hope to chat with ya sometime
    Hi. Certainly good to know there's other Irish DLs out there. Not something I can say I've ever seen discussed in Ireland! Feel free to private message me to say hi.
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