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So, I don't really consider myself a sissy or an AB (DL only) (although I certainly have sissy feelings sometimes), but I love heels. I bought a couple days ago, but I don't really have anywhere to wear them :(

If it were considered socially acceptable, I'd probably have an entire closet full of heels and would wear them every day (maybe). I do not have any desire to try to pass as a woman, I just want to wear my shoes outside my room! Anybody have any ideas of where in DC I could possibly get away with wearing those under jeans (just the bottom 1.5 inches or so would stick out).
Hi MolicareMan,
I don't know why, but before I clicked on your link, I had a mental image of your shoes being something that would be easily noticed, something like a brite pink high-heel with glittery sparkles. Your shoes are very low-key, I don't think most people would even notice them in a brief encounter with you.
They do have a high heel, so before you venture outside of your room, I would suggest that you wear them, and walk around in them for a while. Get used to them so you don't trip or stumble while walking outside.
I agree with fifigal. They didn't really call attention to you.

Are you tall? Wearing these shoes may make you stand out a bit more because of your height.

Let us know if you chose to wear them out of the house.

BTW - they look very nice.
I can walk fine in them (they are not the first heels I've had). I did wear them outside, but only late at night on my housing development roads (not well lit); I'm 5' 8" without shoes and could definitely not "pass" if I tried (but I'm not trying). The main part I worry about if I wear in public is that unless I walk very slowly (obvious), the clicking from the heel is quite loud.

Also, thanks :) I really like how they look too. I like the flowery/really girly ones too, but there is something about these I really like.
I must say, they aren't quite my style but I still find them cute, and I also own a few pairs of heels from Brash and like them lots.
I wouldn't worry to much about the noise from the heels. With a longer pant covering most of the shoe/heel most people, even if they do notice and look around for "the woman in heels" once they don't see one they will just go back to not caring, lol.
And besides with most of the shoe covered most people even if they take notice will probably just think they are cowboy boots of some sort, its not like your walking around in 4' clogs or open toe shoes. So have fun. :)
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