1. BenTennyson

    Literally everyone needs Paw Patrol shoes in adult sizes, no?!

    I just signed and donated this petition. They just HAVE to make those!
  2. tobdy1986

    Happy Feet (Baby Looking Shoe Slippers?)

    Has anyone purchased these or have pictures of what they look like that are not directly from the manufacturer. I think they look really neat and am thinking about purchasing them...but wanted to see if they are worth it. Granted they are fairly inexpensive, but still...
  3. FeekaDimension

    JOURNEYS just released the BEST shoes for Littles

    OK maybe not the best ever but... Journeys Shoes carries a line of Disney shoes called the "Young at Heart" line and they are AMAZING... they have Disney characters all over them and the best part is that they are identical to the children's versions that they sell at Journey's Kids! They have...
  4. M

    Shoes in DC

    So, I don't really consider myself a sissy or an AB (DL only) (although I certainly have sissy feelings sometimes), but I love heels. I bought a couple days ago, but I don't...
  5. tornpup

    making my own toddler shoes

    I've been searching for some halfway decent shoes for me and haven't had any luck, so I decided to make some. I got a pair of plain, all white shoes and some acrylic paint and went to work on them. My boyfriend says he remembers shoes like these being popular back in the nineties but I don't...