1. G

    Size 6 Pull-up nappies

    Hi all. I have just got myself some easy on pants by Boots. They are size 6 but I can get them on and wear them without them tearing. It's pretty fun pretending to be little. Do you like baby nappies and which are your favourites?
  2. Angellothefox

    Getting diapers for the first time in yearz

    So I got some of Boots own diapers that cost £9.45 something. First I went to town on a kind of full bladder. I purchased Pampers extra sensitive wipes and me bough baby oil from the pound shop. I needed to ask someone where it was which was a little embarrassing. :sweatdrop: Then bought a...
  3. M

    Shoes in DC

    So, I don't really consider myself a sissy or an AB (DL only) (although I certainly have sissy feelings sometimes), but I love heels. I bought a couple days ago, but I don't...
  4. B

    The Old "where to get my diapers?" Question

    Just thought i'd ask your advice here, I thinking about getting up the corage to go a buy some diapers, but i wanna know what to get. The closest place i can think of is a local boots, what would you say is the best i can get there or is there a better place i should look. i live in the UK btw...
  5. nyah

    undergams (the pampers size 8, drynights equilevent) in the UK

    well there is a tread about wilkisons stors having theas but also boots are doing them and on offer, im kinda excited to see them here as the piks i have seen of thire designs look prety dam good
  6. leicesterfan

    Boots Plastic Pants

    Boots Staydry Unisex PVC Briefs - Boots Hiya guys! I am going into town tomorrow to get the train but before that, I'd like to go to Boots and get some plastic pants. Are the ones in the above link any good? I'm all out of drynites you see, so I have no stuffers and because I want to spend...
  7. leicesterfan

    Most Absorbent

    Ok. So I just bought a pack of Depends Pants for Women and when I go home, I tried them out expecting them to hold at least 2-3 wettings and after one and a half, they started to leak. This made me wonder, what is the most absorbant diaper you can get in a UK store (not online). I live in a...
  8. leicesterfan


    I am going to get some adult diapers today from Boots the pharmacy. I was wandering if anyone had been there before, where in the store are the adult diapers usually near and what they have to offer? Thanks