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  • hi fifi - tried send a PM to you but you've got too many messages in your inbox. hope to talk soon x
    Hey sweetie, thank you sooo much for your beautiful reply to my post in the EC forum (you know the one I mean) it really melted my heart. One of my friends that I have met along my journey (online, remember I have no real life friends) said that they thing I would be how I am now even if I was not treated so badly because I am just that kind of person. I would like to think so. :)

    Thank you again *hugs* :)

    Vimes x
    I still don't understand why exactly the various groups are so separate. They really shouldn't be.
    Oh no, not at all. I'm actually really happy with my standing on the social ladder, I'm in a unique liaison like position between the high powered popular groups, and the down and humbled less popular groups. I'm just agreeing that the world is full of asshats (pardon my french). Besides I don't have the capacity about me to not be nice, I still haven't figured out if that's more of a weakness or a positive quality.

    But this path of discusion seems a bit grim.
    Why thank you, and you're only less than day late so no big deal. Did you ever do a team in school?
    Well glad to here it's not bad news, so that is good. As for me... well I just had a birthday and my spell team is going to state, So I guess pretty good.
    Hallo fifigal! It's been a long time since I've bugged you so I figured I'd drop in to see how you are doing.
    Thank you... it is darling. Unfortunately, it's a little tight under the arms and around the chest. Most likely that's my fault. Though, she did say to give exact measurements and not add any extra in because she'd do that when sewing. :-(
    Hey there! Well for several years I was part of a different website that as of late has been very judgmental. So I decided it would be better for me to come here to a community full of like minded individuals. As for this weekend I was just busy with personal things. Don't worry I come here often now :3

    Have yourself a fine day.
    Thank you very much, It really surprises me, in real life being sixteen I have to play Peter pay Paul for anybody to believe the truth.
    :dunno: I like your new avatar. Is there a way to make the picture bigger? i have verry poor eyesight and would realy like to see it better.
    Okey I understand now only put pictures in a members only gallery or on a place that is established contributors only thing other wise anyone could get it.
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