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  • I saw your story on the continence board and my heart goes out to you. You are very brave.
    Actually, I posted the reply in the Greetings / Introduction forum before I read you post in the EC forum. I had no idea that the abuse had been so extensive and mean. If I had read the post in EC first, I would have changed the wording in my post, I could never be glad they treated you the way they did, even if it did play a part in molding you into the truely wonderful person you are now.

    When your journey here, in this life, has ended and you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, you will find a huge gathering waiting for you to arrive. Waiting for you, so that the Party can begin, so that your Party can begin. There is always a huge Party in the Heaven when an angel returns home.

    Before you return home, while you are still here in this world, please take care of yourself and your immediate family.
    Awesome! He's my favourite character from the discworld series. :) Have you read much of the series? (My favourite has to be "nightwatch") Oh, and hi. Merry christmas / holiday season! :)
    Hi. Uh, you don´t know me but I was browsing a thread where you had posted and I Just got to ask: Your username, is it a reference to THE Captain Vimes of the Ankh Morpork city watch? :)
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