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  • Hi there! I recently got back on ADISC and thought I would get back in touch with some of the people that were kind enough to talk to me back then. :)
    That's a big step, to join the military. I wish you well and I'll pray for you. I've always liked you very much. I'm glad you made contact with me. I can imagine being worried. There is very little likelihood that we'll send boots on the ground into the Ukraine. I get the Washington Post via my Kindle, and all indicators point to just sanctions. Of course if Russia invaded the Ukraine, NATO would respond, but no one believes that will happen.

    Stay in touch if you can, but I know you won't be able when you're in boot camp, or its equivalent. Hugs, my friend.
    Well, I hope things improve for you. It's a tough economy out there. I'd hate to have to look for a job again.
    Hey buddy, so good to hear from you. I hope life is treating you well? I finally retired from the day job, so I sit around at home doing the things I want to do. Today I was playing some Schumann and Mendelssohn on my keyboard. It felt good. I'm waiting for my daughter to finish editing my novel so I can e-publish to Kindle. I'm trying to decide which new story to start writing. Life is good, I think.

    What are you up to?
    Putting a good face on infantilism is what I think Moo had in mind. I suspect that's going to be an uphill battle...haha. Of course, knowledge is the first step in acceptance. Lots of people do something weird in the bedroom that might be considered odd to someone else. We're just a little on the extreme end.
    A little bit. I got quoted in the Forum section of Playboy. A woman had written in about her husband who liked to wear diapers, of all things. Another member got picked up on this site and quoted on the Huffington Post, I'm guessing about the same subject. It seems like the world is discovering that some adults like to wear diapers and regress. Who knew?
    Moo has become public image conscious, as we've been quoted by other publications. The story accumulations is large and old. Moo has been worried about content and public image. I suggested that he delete the old stories since he doesn't have the Mod power to review them, which is what he's done. At the same time, he is keeping the story forums. I probably will resubmit some of my old stories, which anyone can do. I'm glad he chose to keep the story forum. Many of us, myself included, presented our defense and he listened.
    Yeah, that's why after college I settled down and got married. Of course, I was running two cars at the quarter mile track, so "settled" is a relative term..haha. Now of course, I pretty much define settled!
    Yeah, finding stable work isn't easy in this economy. I made a lifetime of memories when I was in college. It's the time to explore almost everything. Once we settle down, we have to become responsible....sigh.
    Thanks for asking. We're doing well. The wife is doing quite well, and I'm okay except for a cold at present. I had my back operated on last April, but it turned out well. I had a cyst inside the spine, but had a neurosurgeon do the surgery. I was home the next day and back to work in two weeks. I enjoyed the time off. I hope all is well with you?
    I am pretty good. Just been obsessed with Minecraft lately X3
    Hi Goofy. Haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?
    THE MOST AWESOME GLITTERY 80's movie ever! I comand you as the most messiest boy in this room to watch it! Is it just me or do I say amazingly amazing alot. Anywho have you figured out a girls name yet? Oh and big sissy will you change me?
    Here I'm not a squirt! I'm a Dr. Pepper! Hehe pop joke! Well you should it's amazingly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!×∞ And if you maka chop me then I'll sing excalibur! And then Magic Dance! You remind me of the babe! Have you seen the Labrith?
    First I really don't know but I've always thought of you as an older sister like I'm Seven and your 24 and you tell me all sorts of infomation. Kinda like one of my favorite cousins. Also sis if you wanna talk just slap me over the head. Or if your a soul eater fan Maka chop me with Grimms :D. Fourth Happy belated birthday two! I've always wanted to say this. I'm a big kid now! Okay not really I am still in diapees. Which is horrible in 8th grade! I hate dressing down in gym! Anywho do you watch Ounce upon a time? BECAUSE IT'S AMAZINGLYAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Fangirl scream*
    New name like a girls name? Or like a code name? Are you a spy? Do you have on of those guns dat go bewz bewz? Can I have one?!?!?!? I hope everything turns out good for you. Heres something to remember theres only four ways you can go when you hit rock bottom. Up, Down, Left or Right. Well than theres the diangels... Okay lets put it like this keep positive and if you need a break heres ADISC.
    Hey Big Sis (Yes your my big sis(This is the part where you gasp in horror)) I guess I'm just bored and I wanted to talk to an old friend. Well Anywho hows life? I'm good I guess. In sept. a boyscout in my troop commited suicide. That hurt deep. I told my Mom about ADISC and such. Didn't end well :(. She still loves me. She just doesn't 100% believe ADISC's right for me. She's kinda scared someone will take advantage of me. It was my birthday on the nineth. It was okay. I got two presents. Both are amazingly amazing. One is Grimm's complete fairytale collection. It's so epic. The other is a shirt that says Raven Lunatic. Oh and sometime in March it's my eagle project!!
    Being nice to others is a definite positive quality, Goofy. You are really fortunate to be able to mingle with people from all of the various groups.
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