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I've always wondered what the special instructions field when placing an order is for. Does anyone know? I've also contemplated if it could be used to request a personalized note. I guess there's only one way to find out...
I've used this field to ask that some of my more expensive orders be placed on the back porch instead of the front porch at the house I used to live in. They pretty much always would oblige. I've also used this field to instruct the carrier to leave the package with the rental office at my apartment complex instead of leaving it at my door. Most carriers will pay attention to that field, some may not. But that is generally what it is for.

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Thank you Shibapawz, do the special instructions appear on the label anywhere?
Not that I recall. I think they show up in their system under the request that the vendor puts in with the shipping information to the carrier. I don't ever remember seeing it anyplace except for the invoice which obviously is inside of the package. Although I've only tried this with UPS and FedEx. Other carriers may or may not print the instructions on the label. And its been a while since I last put instructions on an order so it may have changed since then.
Hmm, I did ask if they could include an enclosed personalized note and the order was from Fetware so we shall see.
fox2000 said:
Hmm, I did ask if they could include an enclosed personalized note and the order was from Fetware so we shall see.

That seems like something they can do. For shipping I signed up for UPS My Choice or whatever it is called. Once a shipment is picked up you can tell them where you want to pick it up.
I've used the special instructions field to request to not require a signature for delivery. I also use UPS My Choice, the best part is getting a window of when the package will arrive as well as an email upon delivery.
If using UPS make sure they request a signature is required, I have had UPS leave a package by our door, we live in an apt. Building so that's not the best idea :)

Or have it held at the local UPs office for pickup.
'special instructions' notification varies from carrier to carrier, and any other handlers inbetween, as to how the deliverer is informed (label, paperwork, phone or computer). as with most things, the fewer the handlers, the better.

specific 'special instructions' can be anything which would enable a successful delivery: a general time of day for delivery, an alternate delivery location, a warning about the fragility/nature of the goods or the nature of the delivery location (mind the dog, cows on road, sound horn at the gate, address hidden from road, etc). i even once specified the deliverer to 'knock hard, and he duly did. and prior to internetted mobile phones becoming all the rage (with their e-mail notifications of expected delivery), you could specify that the deliverer phone you before attempting delivery (some carriers do this as standard, now, especially with large items).
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