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  • Thank You. :D Found it while doing a Google search for baby wolf drawings. There was a tutorial for it, on how to draw it, I tried and failed, but found this one and put my own little color modifications to it :D
    I have been wanting to say for a while now that I really like your avatar
    Classes are doing well thank you :) Sorry I took so long to reply, it's been so long since I've logged on. Classes are taking up a good chunk of time. How's your year going?
    Hey arcituthis, I apologize for posting that forum. I kinda know you saw it, and I have been going through some tough times and stress lately, due to everything and I apologize.
    Nah! It wasn't too crazy but I think I can finally upload all the pics I want and hopefully I will not have anymore problems!
    Thanks anyways man it was appreciated like I said before maybe they will give me an answer in requests! I sure hope again thanks for the help! XD
    Thanks for the tips in your message mind you inhave tried everything and still nothing I did send in a request hopefully they can fix the issue! I would also like to state that I am on a mobile device a tablet would that prevent me from uploading pics!
    Maybe you can help me with uploading photos give me a few tips please! I have a few I would like to upload and have been fighting this process since last night!
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