Lullabies and YOU!

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Hello people,

I wish every song I loved had a lullaby version to it. It would make my little's life SO much easier because some of the songs I want to listen to, well my little just can't. Because she/he is too small or disturbed by such things.

But yeah, have this.

Anyone else have that one (or several) lullabies that just make them feel so much calmer/better?

Bye people
I enjoyed your link. Thanks for sharing!

Lullaby versions of other songs, though. Hmmm. That could go well--or terribly wrong! Alas that my brain usually leaps to humorous counterexamples; I immediately began trying to imagine what a lullaby version of Ghostbusters would sound like. :laugh:


Most of the time I listen to music (on purpose), I listen to trance, or something else that lacks lyrics. That stuff sort of works for all of my moods.

Maybe we need an ADISC lullaby repository--links to music or maybe even members singing their old favorites.
I've seen allot of lullabies remixed into electro music, but never really seen the reverse with songs being remixed into lullabies.
I really enjoyed that song! Thank you for sharing it!!
I always wanted a lullaby version of "Self Control" by Laura Branigan.
I've listened to a lot of these on pandora most are actually quite good. Though total little time for me loves traditional lullabies....the fisher price one on YT works a treat.
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