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  • someday, maybe. I currently am not able to have a physical coding class. I have tried an online school called codecademy, learning basic java, but I have been away from it for some time.
    That tomkatcamp does sound fun. I would love to go to an event like that, but I usually find it hard to get away too. In this case, it isn't as much a problem with work getting in the way as much as it is that I am trying to find new work now because my other job is smoking me out without actually firing me. :p
    you're welcome my day yesterday was ok oh have you ever heard of tomkat it's a ABDL camp site that's packed full of fun activities like finger paints and bounce houses and stuff. I have never been to tomkat but from watching blond boys youtube channel it looks really awesome but it in Ontario Canada somewhere here is a link to their website www.tomkatcamp.com I really want to go but with my job it makes it difficult speaking of my job I have to work today all the way to sunday from 5:00 to closing time have a good day :smile1:
    just wanted to say hi before leaving for work and to see how you are doing I hope all is well I ill be back from work around 11:00 or 12:00 at night eastern standard time have a great day smile1:
    Well, I am done with college for now. got a new computer recently. a 5 year old desktop. Also built a fursuit of Torterenek recently, for Halloween.
    thank you for your help in my custom onesies thread it was greatly appreciated also I love your profile picture have a great day :smile1:
    i've been pretty ok. Some stuff has been a stopped so it's just stress. Overall, fine ^^ Still love being a TC?
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