Introducing Teddy Ruxpin

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This is a short intro and lullabye video. I plan to talk about him more and in depth in the future.
Neat! I always wondered how he worked. I used to have a Mother Goose with tapes in her. Her beak would move, she'd blink, and she'd say, "Turn the page, dear."

Thanks for reminding me of her. Do you think they work the same way?
I have the "TEDDY RUXPIN" cartoon on DVD.:thumbsup:

It not the cassette. Teddy came alive. All staffies come alive. But only when you not looking. Haven't you seen Toy Story.
Hee, hee.

Great video Mitch! I have a teddy ruxpin in my closet right he has a bit of wear and tear but still in good shape! Thanks for sharing the video.
Yeah, I've caught my plushies running around the house at 3 in the morning. They were making so much noise they woke me up and that's when I caught them. Now, since I know, they run around during the day and get into a lot of trouble. And sometimes they're foul mouthed. Bad plushies! I hope Teddy Ruxpin behaves better.
That's pretty cool. I wonder if anybody still makes something like that...
They are working on bringing a new updated Teddy Ruxpin back, meaning, it will work much better and have better sound quality.
I always thought the cassette operated storytelling Teddy was a neat idea. Just don't put in any other tapes in that thing, otherwise it's a bad scene man. lol
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