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  • I do understand what you meant by your joke, and I joked back. My joke was about how neurotypicals think we can't joke.
    Hey some times we get heated in how we feel your not the only one ok .
    I have seen others that has happened but you know what they gone on to be great posters.
    You can too.
    You still can contribute to others .
    Hugs .
    Gosh I even got a couple of warnings myself lol.
    Any thing that causes heat creates radiation took a radiation safety course we found out if you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day over 30 years.
    That you would shorten your life 3 years by the radiation exposure from the cigarettes. Lol the cancer get's you first.
    So your fine .��
    Hey, really nice of you to ask. Yeah still around, but my life's been super busy lately and not all that cool and It's been stopping me from having proper little time which is making me kinda down. I log in every night for a look, but I haven't really felt like joining in much. I miss when I was more active on the site. Things might start to chill
    a bit from now so I think I'll try and get on here some more.
    How about you, everything awesome?
    Hey, yeah I've been away and kinda busy. So sort of awkward. I've been having a quick check every now and then. I'll be back to it in a week. I am missing playing with my friends :hugs:
    aaaanytime. I can't test myself because I got nothing to upload, plus, nothing is really good on my computer for uploading.
    Hmm? Uploading pictures should be fine, maybe it's another issue. I would post a request thread about it. I haven't uploaded anything in a looooooooong while.
    Understandable dude heh heh. But I rarely come on here so you'd be lucky if you catch a conversation with me. Hope you're doing well.
    lol, ive been fine ^^ how're you? (btw, do you have Skype? You can reach me on there better)
    I don't, and thanks for that. Considering I life with my grandma and how positive she is, and her sence of humor, she kinda rubs off on me, plus we both kinda poke fun at each other, while we both know that we're joking so you know.:) And yes I like both Images too.
    Oh that, yes I found it on a parody Wikipedia website, and yes I think it's cool too. I'm sorry I get those confused sometimes.
    :) You're welcome BluefireJay, It's good to have you as a friend too. As for the profile pic, I'm glad you like it, I drew it myself, but got some editing help from Applepi, and the background image was going to be for something else, but I decided to use it here.
    Haha, hey you too. I feel that damn cute when I'm little. I don't even mind seeing myself all diapered up lol, but sadly, I'm all growed up :( I do try to stay positive about that though since I can't do anything about it. I did work hard to try and capture the way I feel when I drew my avatar. I might still go for one more evolution though....just got to make some time for it. :hugs: thanks for the compliment.
    Oh no, it's fine. I've been extremely busy with work. I've been fine and I hope things better be going great for you
    Cars awesome, can't wear anymore till I move out, not going to a psychiatrist, things have been swell =P
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