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  • It's neat seeing another what I call a "Todfant" on here, which is typically 1 1/2-2! Especially one that's a Christian Nice to meet you!:)
    Todfant. Cute.
    Hey - I'm Christian, too - Nice to meet you both! ^_^ I would love to get you guys perspective on all this stuff; I'm so new to it.
    Thank you for all your input on my thread. I'm sorry if it caused tension with others it's not what I wanted, this is just part of a journey I'm taking in to understanding myself better.
    I see. It sorta sounds like she got the right answer from him as far as tending to real babies goes. I was definitely afraid that changing my own baby's diapers was going to be a turn-on, and was very glad to be proved wrong. In fact, it sort of had a moderating effect on my own diaper use. Diapers suddenly seemed less like pleasure and more like mundane business.
    Oh golly...I'm not sure what to add! I don't have a mommy, per se, and though I've been intimate with women in ways that might appeal to ABs/littles, the context of that intimacy has been...well..."something else." :) I'm not sure I could lend much forward momentum to this particular discussion.
    You stuck your foot in your mouth? Where and when? Maybe just don't tell me and pull it out before I notice! :) Definitely not ticked at anybody. And thanks for asking if I'm ok. Not sure if you saw my forum post last night, but Dad passed away this last weekend. My world has been changed irreversibly, and the old "ok" no longer applies, no matter how much I want it to. I'll be working on warming up to a new "ok" for a long while, I think. I haven't mentioned this anywhere else yet, but as I drove home to an empty house last night (wife took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, a waterpark resort, to distract them from their grandpa's passing), I had the sudden impulse to stop and get myself a pacifier. I ended up with a two-pack of MAM 16+ Months pacifiers. The nipples are definitely small for my big mouth, but they were still fun and relaxing, especially when paired with diapers and a cozy bed. I now need to do a little research into adult-sized pacifiers. Any recommendations?
    It's okay to not know stuff! Never be afraid to ask! You can feel free to message me/leave me a message personally if anything I ever say confuses you, okay? Have a nice day!
    They rule! I got eight more just last week, too--four pink, four blue, brand new in 1960's packaging. Of course, I took 'em out and wore 'em. Collecting's fun, but using is way more funner-er. :)
    Oh, I see. Well, short of looking it up (which would be cheating!!), I'd have to guess that the brakes work like the drum brakes on a car. On a car, the drum brakes are used for (among other things) the parking/emergency brake. You pull the lever or step on the brake pedal, and the calipers inside the drum open up and grip the inner surface.

    Probably same for a wheelchair.

    I'm topic-starved too, I'm afraid. Mind erasure is what I'm seeking. Super Dad still is. Yes, that was a complete sentence. He and Mom will be up for Thanksgiving, which'll be nice. Unfortunately, they're working on his will right now, which has meant awkward questions about which of his possessions I'd like to be first in line to receive. I'm not great at answering those questions. I'd rather he just stick around!
    Ha-ha! Well... I know what drum brakes are, but I won't pretend to know how they apply to wheelchairs. Or, more specifically, how they might be better than other wheelchair brake options. Maybe I'm under-appreciating the task of braking a wheelchair. (I tried to maneuver a Segway once. I almost fell over and definitely looked like an idiot! (Not sure that was on-topic, but it's out there now. (In an effort to return--sort of--to the topic, I'll also mention that a friend of mine used a brake drum from a tractor to make a fryer. Works great!!))) So what's up with you? Besides the wheelchair mechanics, that is. Or perhaps that is what's up. I can be dense that way!

    On a more serious note, Dad did have brain surgery and is recovering from that. Prognosis is still a bit unclear, but at least he's not in imminent danger of losing control of more limbs. He's getting around reasonably well with a walker, although it's hard to see him that way.
    hello, I edited my post in the NUK 10 thread to fix the previous post I was actually quoting if you re-read the post previous to mine you will see why I fixed my own post to make the joke seem better and yes I was making a joke the "no pun intended" sentence was the joke I was making :) I hope you understand everything I have said.
    Oh, it was no biggie. Doc says try to drink less caffeine, and I'm doing a bad job of heeding that advice. Any help is welcome! :) Dad's surgery is Tuesday. Keep it up with the prayers, if you don't mind. All good vibes wanted! Went to see The Foreigner with Dad--the Jackie Chan flick. Not as goofy as I'd hoped, and not especially good overall, but hey! It was a movie date with Dad. Dad and I have done plenty of things together over the years, but going to see movies together hasn't been one of those things. In fact, as we were driving away from the theater, it occurred to me that the last movie I'd gone to with just Dad was Robocop, back in 1987. Yikes.
    Thanks, SpAzpie -- I was responding to your blog comment earlier when I realized that I was about to be late to work. Even had to dump my coffee! Anyway... Heading down to visit Dad and Mom tonight. I'm fairly nervous about it. I'm going to see if Dad wants to go see that goofy Jackie Chan movie that just came out. He seems in need of distraction--as do we all.
    Ha-ha! You should go as The Riddler for Halloween. :) It's always nice to have stories behind names, though. So often, it seems like people just pull them out of you-know-where.
    Well, George is pink, and a boy, so I felt it necessary to illude to his gender, and the last person I'm aware of who felt he needed to do that was Boy George, so. . . George.

    The next one is gonna be purple. Purple Rain. Prince.

    And Glen is for the late and great Glen Frey, lead singer for The Eagles. Prince and Glen Frey aren't dead. Nah, they're hanging out with Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Tupac in Cuba!
    Hey there, SpAzpie! Sorry for the long silence. I was traveling for business and reading ADISC, but didn't have anything with a proper keyboard. And I'm pretty lazy about typing on tiny phone screens.

    Sounds great about George, Prince, and Glen. (I'm trying to work out your naming pattern here.) Perhaps, the next time I'm feeling like a big baby (it does happen), I'll order myself a paci and finally try one.

    I've just reached out to Ann, former proprietor of Fancy Pants Diapers, to see about another batch of Curity mods and some custom bamboo stretch prefolds. I was going to pursue the latter last fall, but life happened. Fancy Pants seems to be out of business now, but I'm hoping Ann will still be able to do some work for me. 'Cause my own sewing skills SUCK! Over just this last year, however, I've accumulated almost 90 (!) more 70's-vintage Curity prefolds, so if I can't get her to make me some adult diapers out of them...I don't know what I'll do with all of them!
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