holiday themed diapers

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I just got to thinking that we celebrate holidays like Christmas , St.Patrics day, and Easter right and then said to myself why not have the diaper to match and make the holiday experince better so I sent a request to ABU about it and now waiting for a response back does anyone feel the same way the christmas diaper would have christmas trees and candycanes and christmas lights and reindeer pulling santas sleigh and for easter they would have the easter bunny and easter eggs and yellow duckies with easter baskets and for st.patricks day they would have sham rocks and dancing leprechauns and a rainbow leading to a pot of gold also since nobody has ever created a holiday themed diaper before I thought that I will be the first one to do it but through ABU I know Im thinking about it way early but thought it would be a good idea please let me know what you think
I know fabine had an all over print Christmas diaper but I think they don't sell anymore. They were very pricy
Get a pack of 12 of each and mix and match for case price. New years, Valentine's, St Patrick's, Easter, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ten styles already. Triple the Christmas packs for a total of 144 diapers per case. If it sells at $2 per diaper, you'd pay $288 per case. Who can afford that? At least we wouldn't have to pick a diaper anymore since you just wear by the season.

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I remember seeing the Fabines Christmas ones online and balking at the price (I do buy other Fabines and think they are great.)

I would certainly be down for some St Patrick's day themed ABU nappies. I am not sure what would work better for the theme but would be happy with either their Vintage 2 tape variety or there super amazing 4 tape variety.
Safty is cute. Christmas is not very Christmasy with the way the print fades out on the white. The black would be nice to ride a motorcycle in. It would probably work great with leather.

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Seems to me this would be overly expansive for both ABU and us. This would entail a change to the manufacture of the diaper itself.

A less expensive way and a way that ABU may do it, is to use a white diaper and then attach some holiday duct tape to the diaper.
I would love a Christmas themed diaper :D
St.Patrick's day one would be awesome, Christmas one too. An Independence day/ 4th of July one would be pretty neato too.
BabyDenise said:
...A less expensive way and a way that ABU may do it, is to use a white diaper and then attach some holiday duct tape to the diaper.

Happy with either an ABU Simple or an SDKv2 with holiday tapes... In fact an SDK-Holiday diaper changing the taping panel a month or two before the event would be awesome!
I really hope that they will accept my request to make the holiday themed diapers but if they do not do you think that use them to make new diaper stickers as a alternative because I would really love to see them made and for my idea about the stickers is to keep it the way it already is to go along with the ABU simples but with holiday designs on them either way it would awesome
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Yes, diaper stickers woul would nice. That might be a better solution.

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Last xmas my wife made me 3 diapers for each day. she hand drew the 12 days of xmas with pictures. Day one had a partridge and so on. I was kept in diapers for 12 days. It was something different, It took her a few days to draw all diapers but she said it was cute.
Holiday themed diapers would be awesome. I really wanted to order some of those Fabine Christmas diapers they had a while back. I loved the classic Christmas design on them. Kind of reminded me of a 1950s themed Christmas card. Hopefully they can produce them again someday.

The cost of printing on plastic film is going down. They make industrial inkjet printers that can print on film. If they could ensure the print quality and the durability of the ink not to rub off, any manufacturer could make small batches of diapers with a certain design. All they would need to stock is white plastic film.

It would be interesting to put together a reasonably accurate estimate of what it would cost to set up a diaper manufacturing line in the US. I am sure it would be very costly, but I have always wondered how much. There are so many companies in North America alone that import diapers from overseas, there has to be enough business to run an independent diaper line....
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I want Christmas diapers! Ooohh, Easter ones will be cool as well!
Oh, speaking of holiday diapers... Huggies had a santa themed diaper a while back. It was sooo cute! Google it. I would totally love to have that in adult size!!
question is, "is there enough demand to make it profitable for limited print diapers for adult baby diaper manufacturers?"
eh, just get a case of ABU Simple, some large red and green sharpies, and a few packs of christmas envelope stickers and go to town. Maybe stick a bow on the back and call yourself the christmas bunny ;)
Great idea

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So we need a diaper with a plain landing zone? Then a source for holiday stickers.

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Anyone remember those vinyl things you'd stick on the windows? :cool: those were amazing and somehow relevant now.

I'd kill for an orange diaper with little bats and skulls and stuff. I'd pay a good 30$ for 10 Halloween diapers.
*Sighs* but it'll never happen...
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