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  • Hey! Do you wear the Northshore Supremes to work? I’m researching (again) diapers that are mega absorbent but that are least likely to be visible. How are the tapes for retaking on the Supremes?
    The Supremes are very absorbent but are somewhat visible. The good thing is that they don't really swell up much when wet. If you put some tight fitting boxer briefs over them for compression, they should be fairly discreet. The tapes are the two part tapes, so you can only refasten them once.
    Duh. I just reread thickdiapers review. He already answered my question.
    Hmm... The best places I've hiked have been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Most of it hasn't been public trails, but the backwoods near where I grew up. As for public places, Pictured Rocks by Munising in the UP is pretty fantastic--put that into Google Images and you'll see what I mean ;) There's also the Porcupine Mountains and the Estivant Pines, and a variety of locally known spots up in the Keeweenaw Peninsula.

    I just moved to the Detroit metro area a few months ago, soo... not much hiking. If you want to find woods, it's pretty much necessary to head north. There are recreation parks not too far way from the city (the closest one that has good mountain biking trails is at Pontiac Lake, about an hour outside of Detroit) but after the beauty of the U.P.--well, that's a tough act to follow.

    Where did you hike in California, and why did you decide to move to the midwest?
    Just like San Fransisco, it's been several years since I've been to Chicago. I'll certainly keep you in mind if I'm ever out that way.
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