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I wanted to see if unpotty training was possible, so I am trying to go 24/7. I have been 24/7 for 2 months and can say I lost 0 control as I took a day off. I am going to continue as I got an insane deal, 6 case's for $125.
Honestly it takes a long time. Keep up with it and you'll start losing control.
If it ever happens, that you'll lose control, be prepared for years in diapers. Remember to stay relaxed all the time, and never holding back, then maybe you'll get what you wan't.

However a bit of a warning....being diaper dependent isn't fun..take it from someone who have to be in diapers for a medical reason...
Yes, there are ups and downs of being in and using diapers 24/7
I agree that wearing diapers 24/7 is a pain some times, I have only been wearing 24/7 for 7 months for an OAB, I have been peeing more and more in my diaper for the last little while. I have come to terms with being diapered so I am relaxed most of the time and just let nature take its course and pee in the diaper.
If you really want to become diaper dependant for peeing then you have to relax and never try to hold back your pee. When you finish peeing don't clamp down, it will take months of only using your diaper to pee before you see any changes.

Things to keep in mind

1: wear premium absorbant diapers so you can trust your diaper not to leak.
(If you don't trust your diaper you will always subconusaly keep trying to hold your pee)

Don't buy cheap diapers only buy premium diapers like Dry 24/7 or Abena level 4 premium.

2: stay relaxed down there all the time before and after peeing
(takes a while to get use to)

3: stay away from the bathroom except to shower and go #2

4: keep a backpack with you at all times with spare diapers, cleaning wipes and diaper cream)

But most important of all be 100% sure you really want to become diaper dependant once you start down this road it's hard to go back to not wearing 24/7

One more thing to think about, once you loose control your will pee with out warning any time any where , have you peed in public yet, or do you hold it until you are in a safe place to pee. You will have to get use to wetting in public while standing a few feet away form some one with out showing any reaction to the fact that you are peeling. This is were premium diapers that you trust come into play.
6 cases is nothing when you are dependant and or incontinent. You will need to spend $300 a month most times to maintain yourself so be prepared.
6 cases is nothing when you are dependant and or incontinent. You will need to spend $300 a month most times to maintain yourself so be prepared.

I know diapers cost money but I don't see how you arrive at this $300/month figure. I could get 5 cases of 42 each of Abena M4s for just over $300, and I'd have to be wearing them on hands, feet, and head to go through 210 high capacity diapers in a month. Wipes do add into the cost but they're not all that expensive and the cost conscious could use washcloths at home.

It could be I use fewer diapers than the average 24/7 guy, but I'd estimate the cost at more like $100/month as I mix and match between a variety of diapers.
The past 2 months I have only gone through 3/4 of a case per month. I guess this is more of an experiment as I don't really think unpotty training is possible. I have hatred for using public bathrooms, especially if there is anyone else in there.
I am 24/7. I go through approx. 4/day but I use boosters as well or it would be more. I go through 4 bags of attends plastic backed briefs per month. I don't really know how much that and the boosters are worth, because my medicaid covers them 100%. Waiting on a sample from my supplier on their most absorbent cloth backed and plastic backed diapers they have and may upgrade on the next shipment.
Thankfully, I only need two diapers and one or two boosters a day though I use premium diapers as others have mentioned they also do. The boosters, well when going to work it's the Abena Maxi I use, when at home I usually can rely on using baby diapers as boosters. They are cheaper....bedtime, a clothdiaper and plastic pants on top of the second disposable.

Lately I have experimenting with cloth boosters in my diaposable, which works pretty well, cloth is way better when it comes to handle a flood and they distribute the wetness more uniform throughout the disposable diaper, meaning I'll make use of the most of the diaper unlike if I was using disposable boosters, which tend to have all the wetness in front and between your legs.
I am 24/7 except at night because for the most part I've never had a problem and I wake up with such a big desire to pee I know if I let it out in bed I'll end up leaking everywhere. I don't use them for poops either...
I don't even spend $300 on diapers. More like $130 and less. You just have to be frugal and know where to look and take advantage of the sales. I would buy some this month again using the 4th of July sale on Bambino diapers but I have plenty of diapers, two cases and one half case. I already got a case last month from someone for $70 bucks and they were Bellissimos. The next sale will be on Labor Day so I can get some then. If you poop in them every time or if you are bowel IC, then you will go through more and will be spending more on diapers.
I did the math, and as long as you don't wear Bambinos all the time, it shouldn't be that expensive. If you go through 4 Seni Supers daily, it will cost $135.

On a side note, I'm not speaking from any kind of real experience being 24/7, but in the beginning when you're still continent, it seems like it would be in your best interest to wear a heavier diaper to work and wearing something lighter to bed. The logic being that it's unlikely that you're actually going to wet the bed, and so that diaper you wear to bed is largely for show or comfort whereas the diaper you wear to work needs to hold up to some punishment.

For those of you have gone 24/7 for a while, I've heard that eventually, someone will find out. Do you have anything to say on that?
I wear 24/7 for brief periods a few weeks being the longest, I have no desire to be dependent and have never had a genuine accident but I'm not sure I would want to. Everyone is individual but I can't see why you would want to do something that will hamper your life in certain circumstances when you are capable of losing yourself in the moment and realise your desires without the consiquenses of have what is a medical condition
I don't mind going 24/7 on a weekend or vacation, but I wouldn't want to even try to become dependent on diapers. Sure, I prefer wearing a diaper around the home, but I wouldn't want to deal with heavy sweating and/or chafing during exercise, working, etc. I may have unintentionally wet my diaper once (my diaper was a fair deal wetter than it was before I went to sleep some time ago), but otherwise, I am diaper trained as opposed to being diaper dependent. Needless to say, I have strong respect for incontinent people who don't have a choice when it comes to such issues.
I think there is going to be variation in cost from one person to another based on how much liquid you think you need to drink in a day. What if you drink coffee a couple times a day and then also are someone who is super hydration conscious and you try to drink a gallon of water a day. I drink quite a bit of liquids a day and $131 would get me 3 Dry 24/7s a day but I would need boosters at night and maybe sometimes during the day so I could see it getting up to $200 a month if I never used the toilet.
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