Folding tips for a newbie, on cloth diapers with cloth inserts?

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I know there are several on here that use cloth. Only ones that's coming to me right off the bat is Dogboy & Krone6. If no one comments on this after a few days, you might shoot them a message.
I use cloth all the time. what kind of cloth diapers are you using? I use a few different kinds. You best friend is YouTube and just googling different websites for how to fold cloth diapers. That's what I did.
...say it ain't so paddedwolf!?!? I didn't know that you used cloth. I shall put that in my little memory bank, and point people in your direction in the future.
don't? Cloth to me isn't all that appealing. I don't like the smell or feeling of wet cloth. But I am sure there are resources for you to find out there.
I use gauze pre-folds, so there's no folding involved. I just pin the corners. I have a 32" waist and I find the small sized gauze works well, with very little overage. Medium size is just a bit large on me, though I have some of those as well.
Unless you have some exotic variety of cloth diaper, you can probably just lay the inserts into where the most absorbent part of the diaper is meant to be after you've folded the rest of it to shape. Fold the diaper, lay the inserts in where they need to be, put on diaper.

Does that make sense, or am I doing that thing where I see stuff in my head that's not making it to text?
Mattew said:
...say it ain't so paddedwolf!?!? I didn't know that you used cloth. I shall put that in my little memory bank, and point people in your direction in the future.

Yup, I wear cloth almost every night. I only wear disposables on special occupations and when they are more convenient, like going to a AB/DL meet up of some kind. I save a lot of money that way and at my current situation, I don't have any laundering costs. (living with my mom). I also think they are a lot more comfortable over all.
I apologize, let me elaborate a little bit more on the subject. I'm using Pre-Fold diapers from "Changing Times" with two toddler size pre-folds for extra padding. I've been all over google and YouTube, the best I can find are folds you'd use on an actual toddler, which is what's kinda working for me right now, as well as one or two diaper vendors which gives one or two examples, but I didn't find them to work well. I don't know, maybe I'm putting too much effort into something that needs no effort at all. Considering I'm from the disposable diaper era, the only reason why I'm using cloth, is for a better chance of not leaking while laying down. I figured, who better to pose a question about tips on "hold to fold" diapers, than actual like-minded people who would possibly know better than anyone else.
Ah, I think I misread your post before then. Prefolds really are pretty easy, actually. Basically fold them longways, then pull out the wings so you have something to pin together. This page should give you the idea. The only tricky part is getting the size right, especially long-ways. Play with it a bit, and I think as you get a better feel for pinning/securing it and whatnot you'll find they'll work better for you.
In my experience, the challenge you'll have is using two toddler pre-folds as stuffers. As the toddler pre-folds get wet, they tend to make the entire front of the diaper sag. You're really better off folding down the front of the adult pre-fold and changing more often. As GoldDragonAurkarm notes, the best fold is often the simplest: Fold the adult pre-fold into thirds, pull out the corners in the back for wings, and fold down the front to create some extra thickness. Once you're pinning the diaper on, you or your caregiver can pull out similar wings on the front, pull the back wings over the front wings and pin.
Thanks for the tips!!!! <3 I'm going to give it a go tonight and see what works well :)
I've always been more partial to the triangler fold method. Its not a true triangle as you leave it about 1/3 width in the front but it works well for me and seems to fitt nicely as I wear through the day. Also if the diaper is a bit long then fold the skinny end down in the diaper, keeping it at about 1/3 width at the end. I found this puts more absorbency where it can be used (at least for guys) versus in the back where its wasted and just adds bulk that hinders comfortable sitting. Most cloth diapers are very absorbent I have never used more then one filler with prefolded diapers and that is only when I intend to wet repeatedly without changes. I also find this fold patter puts enough on the sides to usually catch it all when I sleep. Being a side sleeper I have not found a disposable that reliably works the cloth with this fold though has almost perfect success. Oh, and I buy my plastic pants big enough to just barely tuck back inside so the elastic is in inside the diaper creating a temporary waterproof pocket to give the diaper more time on fast heavy wets.
Prefold has a lot of different meanings.

I went onto goggle and use how to fold a cloth diaper as the search words.

I found several sights. some just had written diagram and others had demonstrations.

Even though they say prefold that just means that there is less layers on the side and more in the middle. You still have to fold them to "shape". That again is an entire different subject. There is 10 ways that I know of and three that I have used. The trifold angle wing is the one that works for me.
I actually wanted to try the triangler fold, but as far as everything I looked up, it seems as though you couldn't do it with pre-fold diapers and that only the flat folds could.
I wear cloth too. I recommend just practicing and finding a good fit for you.
Ebonybaby said:
I actually wanted to try the triangler fold, but as far as everything I looked up, it seems as though you couldn't do it with pre-fold diapers and that only the flat folds could.

You can if you buy a size larger. I have several medium sized pre-folds in which I have to do the triangle fold, which as others have said, isn't really a triangle. If I wear the small sized, I just pin the corners together.
There's a few good ways to fold. It also depends on how it fits you to get some of the folds to fit.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory.
You can roll up the sides and make leak guards.

You can also add some thickness to it.

I found pins difficult to deal with so I use Snappi Fasteners.

They are a breeze to apply and they do stretch out and are pretty tough. I had this pair for two years.

Never use bleach or fabric softener.

I also wear a onesie and sometimes stretchy underwear over it and it keeps it from sagging and keeps it up against your body.
Thanks again all for the helpful tips and a very special thank you to Metalmann1983!! I actually found a basic way to do up my diapers last night, but where it made logical sense, it DID in fact leak exactly where the fold was suppose to help soak it up. Anyway, Metalmann1983, the fold style you are usually is pretty much what has been working out for me, but you have a few good tips and variations within your style that I haven't tried. For one thing, I'm going to check out the "rolling" fold to see how that holds up, but it's your placement of the inserts is really what I was looking for, as well as another idea I came up with this morning after my little bed wetting. :p Plus, I have locking safety pins, but I just might by a few snappies and give them a try. The only reason why I didn't buy those in the first place, because a few forums I've run across on adults using them, over half said they break too easy.

Again, thank you for everyone's help. This is an expensive endeavor for me and I plan to make it work and see it through to as much as a non-leaking experience as much as possible.
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