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it's been quite a long time since the last time i got sick and it just so happened that i got a bit of a fever now. last night i went to sleep earlier and i had to drink a lot of water which resulted in three bathroom trips in one hour and that was a bit annoying.

but then i remembered about my diapers and how this could be a great time to use them. i stopped drinking for the night so there was no need to get diapered. but when i woke up i still felt like i need rest so i immediately put on a diaper and went back to bed. it just feels so great being diapered and wet while having a little fever. it kinda makes me wanna get sick more often
I absolutely agree. As much as it's not nice to be sick, it can be quite pleasant just taking it easy in the meantime, and diapers fit in perfectly with that mood. If you have a chill, the diapers are warm and comfortable, and if you feel weak and don't want to move you don't need to walk to the bathroom all the time. Especially since you should be drinking lots of fluids.

However, I've heard there's quite of a few on this forum that feel less inclined to wear while sick so I suppose it depends on the person.
I usually don't feel like being in diapers when I'm sick. I often seem to have an upset stomach and constipation so that contributes to it.
I've been on a sort of break from diapers this January only wearing on non-work nights, Thursdays & Fridays but last week I came down with a nasty head cold and though not especially needed diapers were a comfort helping me through it all week.
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As long as there is no diarrhea diapers are great. They allow you to stay warm ad hydrated. Pull ups are good for diarrhea.
WildRoseBaby said:
As long as there is no diarrhea diapers are great. They allow you to stay warm ad hydrated. Pull ups are good for diarrhea.

Except when it comes as a surprise, then diapers are a hero :)

I think a lot of this has to do with whether or not you're already wearing 24/7. With my first "incident", I wasn't wearing 24/7 and didn't feel "in the mood" and paid the price. By the next time around, I was close to 24/7 so it was just easier to "let it ride", and it paid off. As others have noted in the past, diapers can be a little additional work, and you don't always feel like doing anything unnecessary when you're sick, but once it's just a part of your consistent daily routine, you really don't even consider not diapering up to be something worth considering - you just do it.
Ge December of 2014 I contracted the norovirus and suffered from nausea and a month of bowel incontinence (diarrhea that I couldn't feel knocking). Needless to say, diapers were handy. I had already ruined four pairs of briefs and I nearly had several accidents at school. Interesting enough, out of the 75% of students at my school sick with the norovirus, I was the only one to experience the diarrhea.
Ugh, just got over a stomach flu virus that my youngest passed along last week. Nasty, NASTY bug. First day was violent vomiting (my core muscles hurt for three days it was so bad, I swore I was getting meals from two days prior up and out) and then had four days of diarrhea with it. Took twelve hours to be able to keep ice water down (dehydration so bad I got dizzy standing up and walking ten feet), day and a half to be able to eat solid food.

I went through a lot more diapers than normal because of the diarrhea and related bowel incontinence, I'm glad my wife managed to avoid getting it because of how rough it was.
Try being sick on the side of the road in a truck with no bathroom. Diapers are more precious than gold. That being said I had that happen not to long ago. Was in Nevada on a back road no station for at least 200 miles both directions, got real woozy and light headed. Pulled off fast stopped. As soon as I pulled the brakes I passed out woke up 20 min later to my diaper being a baloon. Have to hand it to depends plastic diapers they may not hold much but they cheap and I can get them everywhere and they held me completely voiding both my bowels and bladder into while unconscious. But needless to say I've done my fair share of both wetting and messing my diaper while sick. That being said my last Illness broke my taboo of messing normally and I'm to the point if a toilet is avalible I'll use it but if not I don't torture myself trying to wait I'll just go in my pants.
This thread has progressed in an interesting direction. Haha!
I discovered the whole diapered/sick thing recently. I had a fever and a headache so I layed down on my couch while in a M4 and pulled a blanket over me. I usually have trouble going wee in my pants when I'm sitting or lying down, but that time it just kind of happened and I didn't try to stop it. I did leave a little spot on the couch though :/
Sometimes I like wearing diapers when I'm ill, sometimes I don't. It is comfy lying in bed diapered, but if you have a fever the diaper gets unpleasantly warm and sweaty.
I have a similar thing with hangovers! i don't get to wear very often, but i always feel very needy in my fragile state and i always wish i had a nappy handy. on the rare occasions that i've been able to wear with a hangover, it was very comforting and made it seem not so bad :p
I don't like it. It would usually be the furthest thing from my mind when I'm sick but I've been sick several times recently (it's been a bad year for me cold-wise) and I had already committed myself to 24/7 wearing. I could have stopped but I didn't want to at any of those points, so I soldiered on through even though it was unappealing. As a result, I've gotten more open to wearing while I'm sick, although there's still nothing I can think of in that experience that would make me want to get diapered while I'm sick.
Diapers & Illness

Well, I've got the flu, considering the first 2 days are usually crippling with high fevers etc, I decided to put on a diaper, and fall asleep for the two days. (with the exception of getting up and feeling fine a few times within the last 2 days, as my room is hot enough for it to be comfortable during certain times of the day)

I'm wondering if this is common in the AB/DL community, do others do this when there sick? I feel it provides me some comfort and helps me sleep better when I'm sick, that and it keeps me warm.

Do you guys like to be diapered when you have the flu? I find it provides me comfort, and saves me from walking around and being able to barely stand up.
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I prefer it too
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This is the third time this topic is made in like... 2 weeks :O
People seem to be getting ill a lot..! Flu season is upon us!!
I have not yet been sick while being into this ABDL thing, so I have no idea how I would do.. 3+ years without even a flu!
My mistake, I wasn't aware :D, maybe I'm behind a bit.

WOW, lucky :) I get them 1-2 times a year.
I got all the big cold symptom today, so I'm sneezing and blowing my nose as I write this. I won't be wearing a diaper in bed tonight. When I'm sick, I don't have the desire. I just want to sleep, hoping that I'll feel better in the morning. I'm guessing I won't. This seems like a big cold.
I find diapers and footie pajamas do make me feel comfortable (and they're really warm!) so I like wearing them when I have a cold. If I'm sicker than that, though, it's almost too much trouble to deal with putting on and changing the diapers.
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