Checking wetness?

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When I wear out in public, I find myself really bad at judging whether or not my diaper needs changing or can take another wetting just by the feeling of wearing it. I have to find a toilet to pull my jeans down and check/feel how wet it is.

I'm interested to know if others have to do proper diaper checks when out and about?
I don't really wear diapers outside the house. But I can usually tell by discreetly feeling the mid/back of the diaper to see how far up the wetness has wicked.

WIth some diapers I find it hard to tell because they leak (round the leg gathers) rather unexpectedly -- as if the fit isn't that good. But with others it's easier to tell. Maybe it's just a case of finding a diaper that suits your anatomy...?
I've gotten kind of accustomed to how much the diaper can hold and will generally 'rate' each wetting based on percentage full. It's harder to do in public with multiple things going on and concentrating on many things at once though.
I have that problem too. I usually don't bring a change if I go out diapered so I'll either just keep wetting and wetting or if I'm about to leak I'll just give up and find a bathroom. I paid the price once for that in a movie theater. A bottle of water before the movie and a large soda during resulted in a little wet patch on my butt. I guess it's really just a matter of testing the limits of the diaper. When you're at home, just wet it until it leaks a few times to get a feel for how much it can take. Also take note of how heavy it is and what it feels like leading up to the leak. It's a matter of judgment and experience (not that I have much experience). I learned it the hard way but hopefully you won't have to.
If I'm doing 24/7 wearing for a day - and I do this currently about 37% of the time (odd number I know but it's not 40% and I can't bring myself to say 30% as that wood be underplaying it) - I don't wet to the back at all. Wetting #1 goes down into the crotch - as you'd expect my 'equipment' is down facing for this, for wetting #2 I keep my 'equipment' pointing down and usually in a public toilet or seclueded area and as you'd expect very quickly I sort of lunge forward or maybe even scorpion forward on one leg swapping legs while 'releasing', this gets the urine away from the crotch and kind of rolls it up to the front of the nappy where the absorbing matirial that's almost always there - unless you've got a low-riding (in-a-way) brand on your personage - does it's job. This means it's perfectly safe to sit down in public all over the place. Now this method - yes it may be unorthodox but I've done it so many times it's become a habit. Finally i'm a big believer in 'if it works and it's not too much of an inconvienience' it! bringmesunshine

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Just to be clear - and to relate this to the thread - i go thru all that above blurb 'specially so I don't have to check! I also don't think it's a waste of a nappy but some of you out there may think otherwise about both me and yourselves...the floor's yours! bms
With higher quality stuff, I know about how much itll hold, and I know how thick they get when it starts getting risky. For lower quality, I never do more than one wetting in public, and even then I take it slow. So a lot of it is knowing your capacity beforehand, and at least for me usually i want to change before i reach that limit. But yeah, get used to the thickness if you have Abena/Bambino/etc and get used to being careful if you buy at the store =P
Knowing the capacity of a diaper is one thing I am still trying to learn. I found out that with wearing diapers and the accompanied habit of drinking lots and lots of fluids, for me this 'gambling' does not work. I think for everybody that your body is responding to this fluids and that it is harder to predict what will come out. OK, it *will* come out, but I mean that I simply do not know exactly when :biggrin: Fluids can stick in your body for a time, to burst out when you drink a couple of strong coffees.
Due to this, the habit of mine is not wetting too much when I am out diapered in public. I am always a little disappointed arriving home and checking out my diaper. This is because the diapee definitely could have hold much much more pee than I expected :sad: The good thing is to be safe home where you can let it flow and wet it until it soaks :smile1:
I can almost always tell; I guess it just comes with experience, I don't really need to check; I just know with maybe 95% certainty.

I guess I base it off of a lot of things, thickness at the legs, weight, positioning, feel/texture, length of time, etc. I mean, I don't think it's anything that you can just really learn right away; just what you pick up as you live.
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