Cant get diapers to fit right

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I keep having a issue with the Air plus Abena m4 and other non elastic leg gather diapers.. Everytime i try to put one on it never stays on tight. Its tight when I put it on but not 5 minutes latter i notice that its lose in between the legs. anyone have any tips to remidy this issue.
I have the same issue with the cheap Walgreen's Pharmacy CERTAINTY adult diapers.
Left leg gather fits snugger than the right leg gather.
I don't think it is you. Cloth like diapers don't stay on tight.
Yeah, cloth diapers stretch and sag after a while, especially when wet!
I'd recommend wearing underwear on top of them..!
I have the same issue with the abena air plus, I switched to dry 24/7's and use duck tape to help keep the diaper snug as well as wearing underware over top.

I also found the Abenas felt damp to the touch when wet, for me plastic backed diapers are all I will wear from now on.
count on having to snug the cloth 30 min after you change. I usually try to only snug ONE side to take up all the slack. Then, a few hours later, I can snug the other side. (and then I'm outa tapes!)

Cloth does seem to stretch uite a bit in the first half hour. It may still stretch a bit after that, but it takes a lot longer.
The issue is that with any cloth that doesnt use velcro, if you mess with the tapes they never stick again
As I have written before, lace up wit ¼" elastic and you will not have this problem.
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