Best diaper ? Big babyfur diaper ? No title idea.

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  1. Babyfur
  2. Diaperfur
Hey, sorry for random title but I have no idea how to introduce.
My boyfriend and me are babyfurs, and we'll meet the next week :D The thing is : I want to enjoy new diapers with him, I have molicare atm (him too) but I would like to have some babyfur themed diapers, or atleast baby-ish. Sadly ABU closed and I don't know which ABDL diapers are nice ... A DL friend told me a "new" brand but I forgot ;-;
I would like to wet and mess them so yeah, something comfy and cute would be nice!
Sorry for fucked up english, grammar and syntax.

tl;dr I want to know where I can find big fluffy cute diapers.
Well, for both looks and heavy use, Bambino is your best bet.

You could also try snuggies (, which have lion heads on them and are okay for use, but don't last as long as a bambino.
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depending on what they're doing with their shells at the time, fabine could be worth considering possibly?
Yeah, I agree with Archie. I'd get some Bambinos. There are a few Babyfur / cub diapers in the works, but it'll be awhile before they're ready, if they ever become available, & get out if the planning phase. ABU is hopefully turning things around, with their new owner. But it'll be awhile before they're able to fulfill orders as well.
Bambino "doesn't serve my area" (:/)
Snuggies are expensive
AwwSoCute charges 10$ more fees for shipping*


Any way to get some in Europe fast ? I'll meet my boyfriend next week :c
UK-based Cuddlz is a good bet for printed ABDL diapers in Europe, though "fast" may still be measured in 1-2 weeks.
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