1. ShimSham


    Anyone have any abdl/furry dnd experience? if not would anyone actually be interested in doing something like that? I'm considering trying to create a dumbed-down version of dnd so that other people (who don't feel like spending hours trying to learn the game in detail) could enjoy, let me...
  2. JaysonTheRegressor

    Babyfur avatars for VRchat

    I just made my own today! I'm not high enough (trust? level? i forget what it's called) to upload my own avatars just yet but check it out! It was mostly a retexture but it proved to be a very difficult task. I had to create a new UV map and then so many exporting issues- And then making it VR...
  3. Demonbabywearspamps

    Fursuit diapers?

    Since I'm working on making my own full fursuit I've wondered how and why do some babyfurs/diaperfurs put diapers on their fursuits? Especially since it seems impossible to use the diaper on the suit.
  4. F

    Anyone up to write a story?

    So, I wanna know if anyone would be up for writing a SFW story about my character, Alexander West, and their character. Btw, Alex can be whatever age as long as he's treated like a baby, and very shy, and he always talks like a toddler.
  5. K

    Abdl/diaperfur podcasts

    Unless I missed it I couldn’t find a good post that had a list of Abdl/baby fur/diaperfur podcasts that are still active. Anyone know of any? The only one I’m aware of that still posts is the big little podcast which last aired in July.
  6. nightfox320

    Diapers, ADHD, and Distractions.

    I don't know if its just me but it seems that my ADHD and constant distractability tends to flare up when I have a huge workload and stress bearing down on me from law school. During these times it seems like my mind just wants to focus on my little side. Kinda like my mind is trying to hide...
  7. M

    So I made this babyfur/ABDL/little Android game.

    I can't link it here, but if you go to the play store and search babyfur it should come up as "Babyfur Memory Game." The last app I had failed pretty bad and was a nightmare. Let me know what you think, please. If you get crashes, feel free to let me know but the only thing I get out of it is...
  8. Jin15

    A Babyfur From Minnesota Arrives!

    Hey there everyone! I signed up to this forum a few years ago I think but never really got around to posting, and I think it's time I remedied that. I'm a longtime furry (since I was 13 or so, and I'm 33 now) with kind of an off and on interest in diapers and light AB play for the past 15 years...
  9. L

    Babyfur Species

    What are your guys' species? I don't have a cub sona yet, but I am really interested in what you guys are!
  10. F

    Hewwows! (sorry little side coming out)

    Hi! I'm using my fursona name cuz I'm a babyfur. Anyway, Im new to adisc and everyone seems awesome here! Im gonna be using little talk unless im serious, so stay little!! :paci:
  11. Legolas


    Hey everyone! I'm poking my head back in once again for my Yearly Post (TM) :laugh: Who all is going to be at AC 2018? Furthermore, does anyone know of any meetups, parties, or get-togethers for us babs? I'm bringing a friend with me and I want to make sure their first convention is one to...
  12. lilSky

    Popup Idea

    Just a thought just want community input. A Popup location that caters to ABDLs, DiaperFurs, Furies, DDLGs, Littles, Biggs, etc. Private for discretion, welcoming to business and individuals that cater to the community types. Locations picked from a massive online poll. The goal: Give us all a...
  13. edgyfox


    I don't know if it's because I'm not in the City or if it's because I'm straight but it seems really hard to make friends here in Australia that are at least accepting of the ageplay lifestyle. A lot of people seem to be scared away by it. Is anyone else finding the same?
  14. edgyfox

    There doesn't seem to be many Babyfurs in Australia...

    I have been a Babyfur since 2011 and in that whole time I've only ever me a littlefur. I don't know if it's because I'm straight or live out of the City or if it is just that Australian Babyfurs are few and far between?
  15. A

    Should i make a babyfur telegram group?

    Is there already a big one or should i make one? Thank you telegram @Astroknot
  16. A

    Advice for my BF that is a NoN Babyfur

    Hey, Just wanna start off to say that im Astro a husky from maine. I love cons and being a DJ/Music producer. Anyways My Boyfreind is Non ABDL, he lets me wear when he is not home and with other babyfurs if i get a chance. I just wanna know if there are anyways i could maybe talk to him about my...
  17. Angellothefox

    What is a babyfur and...

    I am doing research for my WordPress website blog that I am doing. Any post comments that I get will remain anonymous on the site Also be aware that I will not quote anyone that puts silly comments. Example: "Research it", "You on the wrong website if you do not know what a babyfur is","I...
  18. BusterBunny


    Hiya! I go by Buster Bunny!I am an ABDL and a BabyFur, I also have other interests such as puppy play! Feel free to say hi and if you want to see my art, search HugoandSudsytheFerrets on Furaffinity!
  19. Angellothefox

    kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 2

    Warning due to the nature of these people I have taken out any bad languege and replaced it with symbles as seen on the game conkers bad furday. Since I have tried my best to keep it a PG 13 some parts are blacked out that I feel are not approprite and also names have been missing since I do not...
  20. Angellothefox

    How do we show and get people the good side of our fandom and confurt

    The furry fandom has struggles in their own fandom and with people outside of the fandom. Some other furries have also not helpped the idea of showing the good side of the fandom. For new people that ask what the fandom is all about can be suggar coated though if they ask if they is a darker...