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So there has been many threads about a "community" shirt that members of ADISC could wear and we would know each other by the shirt.

There have been a lot of suggestions but the issue was that we could also be ID as adult babies and harassed or teased.

I found one in the Vancouver Mall today. IT simply says " I think I will not Adult today"

I think that it would work.

I think the "I will not adult today" is safe enough because a lot of people rationalize taking a break from being an adult. Having an ADISC shirt would invoke your friends asking, what does it mean? I'd just as soon not go there...haha.

Hee, hee

I been thinking of simler ones for tsherts. Like:-

Being an "Adult" is to hard today.

You think I am a "Grown Up!?"

As an Adult I suck.

I not the responsible
Grown up.

Only my body is big.

Hee, hee.

Or there are tsherts which just go for it.

I belong in Diapers.

Please insert pasifer if upset.

You can find me on the naughty step.

I sour I could come up with some more.
Have fun.

I'd never wear it except as a pajama shirt with diapers, but if Moo ever needed to raise money for the site, I'd buy a t-shirt.
I think the abdl symbol is vague enough that regular people wouldn't know the difference
We should do something like BareBum diapers: BBD Wear Proud, or ABU: Changing the World. Those shirts are very nonspecific and could be taken to mean almost anything. I would wear something like that in public.

And one other thing, the shirt can't have ADISC on it, or it has to be misspelled, because when you Google that, you find out what it means immediately.
A shirt with on it. lol //yes this is a joke. doesn't exist at the time of this post.
Younger people are quite savvy with computers and the internet, so I could see someone going home and putting into Google, just to see if something comes up. I guess most of us have seen on the net, t-shirts being sold that say, "I (heart) diapers. There's also an adult Pampers shirt as well.
Once you have a secret symbol, eventually everyone gets to know it. Just look at addiction groups as an example.
Become adults sometimes make us stress in thinking about work and other things , so for me becomes a little makes us a little feel happy and releases us from the burden of thought, i love to wear diapers, suck pacifier that's make me fun.

Here is a basic prototype:


I think it needs more Robots / Dinosaurs and fire. Please help me out, I'll wear it. LOL.
BabyMitchy said:
Here is a basic prototype:

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I think it needs more Robots / Dinosaurs and fire. Please help me out, I'll wear it. LOL.

The whole thing is unappealing to me but if you're fiddling around with it, ADISC is all caps as an acronym.
Yeah it's not good it was more of a basic concept for what i'd like the shirt to say.
I've brought this topic up before because I think it would be awesome to have a shirt, but I have to agree with Egor's suggestion on the subtlety. I'm a big fan of punk, hardcore, post-punk type of music and the Descendents had a song called "I don't want to grow up." I was in DC about 8 years ago and saw a woman wearing the t-shirt with that on it. Hmmm... I need to buy me one of those. See pic.

I like the words " I don't want to grow up " or " why grow up "
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