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Thread: Does anyone here gets diapered in order to play or watch Netflix?

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    Red face Does anyone here gets diapered in order to play or watch Netflix?

    We are all either AB/DL or IC on this forum... So I suppose that basically everyone or it's majority like, love or wear diapers...Both? Yeah, why not?
    And that's our main topic... Diapers, even through I'm still unsure about which topic I should post this thread...

    Anyway, I can't be padded all the time (I really wish I could). When I the get an opportunity... Diaper on, cartoons on cable TV, a blanket fort and my baby stuff are necessary.

    But there is also times that I just want to do average "adult stuff" in diapers. Sometimes I go in public (with a pants and a underwear, of course), talk with friends... Or I just watch Netflix while in diapers.

    It's great, also in gaming. However, I think that I could afford a better brand... Any suggestions? Anyone here do the same thing? We could either discuss this or who knows... Debate about the originals on Netflix?

    It's up to you, thanks for reading anyway...

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    I often diaper up and either Netflix binge or turn on the PS4 and just into a raid that can take a few hours, I think it's funny when people have to stop for a bathroom break and I'm sitting in a wet diaper. I love doing that or going to movie in a thick diaper and make sure I drink enough to throughly wet it!

    As for diaper recommendations I would go with Bambino Bellisimos, ABU Space, or Dry 24/7 if you're going for capacity. For fun diapers I'm really enjoying the v2 ABU SDK/Cushies they hold a lot but aren't as thick.

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    I do this all the time. I'm new to wearing 24/7 and it's been awesome so far. My theory is you really don't need a special occasion to be padded.

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    I rarely do. I've been playing a lot of Battlefield recently, and I tend to get worked up, and I fear I'd wet myself in a rage, and that just seems... undignified. I have done it twice, though, since getting my M4s. Both times, I drank 2 bottles of water (roughly 2 quarts) and soaked them to capacity, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Once while I was playing XCOM (changed into a dry one and went to bed after), the second time earlier while typing a lab report (I actually got quite a bit of work done, I should do homework diapered more often...)

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    When I was home alone one day, I was wearing only a diaper, relaxing on the couch watching Netflix with a bottle of warm milk with me. That was one of the best days ever.

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    I wear diapers all the time while I'm gaming or watching TV in the evening, regardless of the maturity of the game or show. It's nice just to be diapered.

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    Especially when gaming! No need for potty breaks x3

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    I wish I could always wear whenever watching Netflix. I try to watch a film every other day, and if I were to wear everytime I saw something on Netflix, I'd burn through my stash in a week or two and essentially have to go nearly 24/7, which I can not afford to do. I will admit that if the film is particularly kid-friendly and brings out my little side, I'll diaper up and enjoy it. =)

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