1. BabyKai

    So offended right now... my god.

    If you own Netflix then I'm sure you've seen the new releases today. One being "1,000 Ways to Die". I love this show, it's dark humour is quite funny but this one episode (Season 3 Episode 5) depicted an ABDL. I understand they need to be funny but they depicted it as some sort of disgusting...
  2. Luckycutepup

    Does anyone here gets diapered in order to play or watch Netflix?

    We are all either AB/DL or IC on this forum... So I suppose that basically everyone or it's majority like, love or wear diapers...Both? Yeah, why not? And that's our main topic... Diapers, even through I'm still unsure about which topic I should post this thread... :dunno: Anyway, I can't be...
  3. WearingClouds

    Good Anime Shows

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for good Anime shows I should watch. Preferably on Netflix! Thanks! Oh and also, not to be nit picky, but a show without subtitles! Thanks ^__^