diaper advice

  1. Lukeyboi

    My mommy needs advice or suggestions

    Hello everyone! I would really love to get some help. Unfortunately for reasons unknown my mommy and I are going through some sort of a rough patch lately... we are in are late 20s and recently married. I came out to her last year and we have been trying to make it work ever since with very...
  2. SapphireGlitter

    Diapers and trucking OTR

    Hi everyone, I figured this would be a good place to ask and was wanting to know if wearing diapers while trucking would work out since I'm getting my A Class CDL in a few weeks and I'd like to wear 24/7 while doing it Are there any issues with wearing or using diapers while trucking? What...
  3. babygrayble

    Diaper Reccomendations

    I'm new to buying diapers, and I have trouble finding good ones for myself. I wear a 2xl and prefer printed diapers. So far I have only tried BareBum and Cushies by ABU.
  4. A

    ABDL fetish and Childhood trauma

    I'm new here because I am somewhat ashamed of my fetish. I am 20 and I have been interested in wearing diapers since I was 5. I repressed it until I was 16 when I had a severe mental breakdown caused by stress brought on by my parents. It grew and manifested into me fully regressing at night and...
  5. D

    Girlfriend's a little, where do we start with the diapers?

    Hi, my girlfriend and I have been together for the best part of the year, and around a month or so ago, she told me that she was a little. I'm actually into all this as well, but more as someone who likes other people in diapers (although not as much as she likes it), and we've been slowly going...
  6. michaelmc

    Baby diapers

    If you could upscale a baby diaper to fit an adult which brand would you choose? For me it would be Pampers air!:2thumbsup:
  7. michaelmc

    Diaper Design

    If you could design a diaper pattern what would it be? I would have cartoon animals with multi color ballon patterned body What type of Diaper would you choose? Id choose tapped with a high waist! If your artistic and can scan and upload your design all the better :thumbsup:
  8. ThePenguinLover

    New Diaper Consideration

    I've owned Abena M3's, M4's, and RearZ Safaris for about a month now, and although they are friggin phenomenal, I'm wondering if I should get some ConfiDry 24/7's? I've read some reviews and apparently they're pretty great. Does anyone have an opinion on these based of the diapers I currently...
  9. M

    What are your favourite diapers(In theses categories)

    1. Best ABDL diaper 2. Best Medical Diaper 3. Most absorbent ABDL Diaper 4. Most absorbent Medical Diaper 5. Best value ABDL diaper 6. Best value Medical Diaper 7. Cheapest ABDL diaper(that you would still recommend) 8. Cheapest Medical Diaper(that you would still recommend) Please list reasons...
  10. Pokogirl

    Back to Diapers Again & In Need of Urgent Suggestion

    So.... I'm finally back to diapers after a long break. I'm currently wearing a leftover xxl size pink mamy poko pants pullup. Haven't wet it yet. Seems like my bladder has become a little shy after so many months of not peeing in a diaper. The reason I took the break was to save money for...
  11. T

    Diapee mix-up (Oopsies x-x)

    Okay, so if you have been paying attention to my previous posts, then I applaud you! (That's a joke...) You'd realise that I never bought diapees yet... My Daddy (Boyfriend/ Fiance) coaxed me into it. We spent a whole night shopping, and he decided that Little Paws would be the best for me...
  12. PaddedBrony

    The Winds of Change

    I've been ABDL for years now. Despite a handful of moments where it's caused me grief, I've enjoyed it a lot otherwise. Now, my diaper of choice has always been disposable. I was brought up a Huggies kid, with diapers, Pull Ups and Goodnites. The whole enchilada. Disposables are also what...
  13. E

    sorting diapers

    I'd like to make a thread . sorting diapers by what you need to help others to buy the right diapers . so there is 4 categories of absorbency . Light absorbency ( 0-1500 ML ) , medium ( 1500-2500 ml ) , large ( 2500-3500 ) crazy absorbency ( 3500 ml and up ) . also closure . 3 types : 2 tapes ...
  14. inconsurferdude

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Diaper

    So I've been dealing with incontinence for quite some time (much more on that here: http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/105150-Switching-from-pads-to-pull-ups%E2%80%A6-to-diapers) first by wearing pads and later pull-ups. After some encouragement from the incontinence forum, I decided to...
  15. P

    How to get my GF, into diapers

    hello! salutations, I am new here, and well I've been an DL since I was 12, I remember buying some baby diapers in the convinience store and going to a public restroom so I could pee on them. I am in a relationship with this lovely lass, she moved to my flat and we started living togeather...
  16. D

    Affordable diapers?

    Hi there. I'm looking for affordable diapers that are nice and thick/able to hold more than one peeing session. Any ideas?
  17. R

    New Person Diaper Recommendations

    Hey once again! Sorry, I have been posting a lot lately What would you recommend a new person getting? As a current Depends and Goodnites wearer i dont want to dive into the deep end and get something that has me not having anything to look forward to in the future. Any recommendations would be...
  18. A

    Physically active with incontincence

    Hello, Military Retiree with a spinal injury and nerve damage. I am incontinent due to that nerve damage. I am trying to find out what products are best for workouts if there is a chance I could have an episode at anytime. I want to be able to ride the recumbent bike, walk, lift light weights...
  19. Luckycutepup

    Does anyone here gets diapered in order to play or watch Netflix?

    We are all either AB/DL or IC on this forum... So I suppose that basically everyone or it's majority like, love or wear diapers...Both? Yeah, why not? And that's our main topic... Diapers, even through I'm still unsure about which topic I should post this thread... :dunno: Anyway, I can't be...
  20. kashi

    Study Abroad

    So in about two months I will be leaving from the U.S. to study abroad in Akita Japan for about six months Aug-Dec. I am very much looking for tips tricks and advice in regards to this venture as it will be a first for me on many levels. This will be the furthest I've ever been away from home...