diaper advice

  1. Johnindiapers

    A few questions

    I have a few questions. I have been incontinence since 2006 due to a car accident. I have tried several ways of maintaining my incontinence but I have found the best way for me is just to wear a diaper. I am comfortable with it. I'm now diapered almost 24/7. (I do like when you have a few...
  2. Canadianfalls

    What are the best value diapers available in Canada?

    I'm Canadian, from Toronto. Male. Wondering what the best value diaps are here. Going through 2-3 Depends w/ tabs per night is becoming wasteful. ATNs are nice but also don't do it for me anymore. I sit for long periods for work and gaming, and sleep diapered. Very heavy wetter. This leaves me...
  3. I

    First Time Buying Diapers and I Need Advice

    Howdy ! :D Recently I finally built up the courage to take the first step to try and purchase some diapers after wanting to try them for 15 odd years now. I am currently still living at home with my family due to some issues that cropped up a while ago, but I have the home to myself for the...
  4. Charlotte0067

    Looking for recommendations

    I’m looking for recommendations on diapers to try as the stores near me don’t stock the best selection of diapers so I have to turn to online. Looking for pretty much any suggestions as I don’t want to just go out and waste my money on an expensive pack of diapers to just end up not liking them...
  5. popcorncool

    Diaper lover -FaroeIslands

    Hi I’m a 18 year old male im new to this diaper stuffs so i would like if any of your kind souls would give me some advise on how to get diapers and just some tips on diapers :D
  6. Coyoteslayer

    Summer time and hotter days

    Last couple days have been very exciting now that my wife is supportive and I can start wearing more often. Still waiting for most of my stash to come in. However, this morning I put a rearz aio pocket diaper on with an extra insert. Couldn’t tell with my jeans on, so I headed to the store...
  7. B

    Best incontinence products you can get in a physical store

    So I live in south FL and I am incontinent, mainly at night. I've ordered northshore products before, but they aren't very economical for me. I prefer to just be able to get a pack of diapers anytime I want from a store near me. However, most in-store diapers don't suffice for a full night, and...
  8. BryceWayne

    What's the best diapers from the grocery store?

    I would buy abdl diapers but my bank account is connected to my parent's so they would see that I purchased them. I've used Goodnites for a while now but I have issues with them leaking, so what are the best diapers to get from the store?
  9. M

    Hello! I need to learn how to wear a diaper and hide it from my family!

    I always wanted to try a diaper but my family would strongly disapprove of that...so i need a way of wearing them without my family ever knowing.Moreover,I need to learn how to poop in the diapers. One last question...how to dispose off a diaper secretly?
  10. T

    HELP dose anyone know of any ABDL stores in victoria

    hi im a tbdl from australia i live in victoria i want to buy abdl diapers but i dont want to buy them online are there any accual abdl shops in victoria please help
  11. J

    Shipping Diversions

    So recently, I've had to move to a living arrangement that no longer supports being able to pickup diapers at my front door, and I was wondering if any of the sellers I'm gonna list are able to have their shipments diverted to a secure pickup location? And also, if anyone has any advice on any...
  12. heewxn

    How is Abena m2 with tabs?

    Asking the absorbency.
  13. heewxn

    Which is better?

    Tena slip maxi vs. Tena slip super Which one is better?
  14. PNW509Little

    Breathable Options

    I tried searching for past posts before posting this, but couldn't find a good recent one. ISO a good but breathable diaper option. Just for the times when I am much more active or when its just too warm, because the plastic is great, but not so good for air movement. Most of my current...
  15. Demonbabywearspamps

    Diapers don't actually hold that much??

    I recently found out that when a diaper says it holds 6000/7000/9500ml it does not actually hold that much and it's not accurate to what it holds when a normal person uses it. Did anyone else know that and if so how much would these diapers actually hold? I'm most interested in the trest and...
  16. bunnysquigglez

    Plus size accessories? Little room suggestions?

    Howdy! Im new to this site and only became and ABDL this year (I was little before that, just only tried diaps this year) and I have so many questions and just wanna get others input on stuff! I guess I'll start out by asking some of the stuff I've been trying to find that maybe you babies can...
  17. S

    How can i pee my diaper with a shy bladder?

    Ever since i got diapers i'm unable to pee in them without pooping in them also.and other than that i tried everything and it didn't work going in the bathroom to pee or trying to force it. So for anyone that had the same problems as me i need you help!
  18. StartledBaby

    Should I let my friend know?

    Me and my best friend have a amazing relationship but I dont think that thay would ever think of me as a diaper lover. I have no real pull to tell them but I dont like to keep secrets. It would also be helpful for me because know one knows in my life.
  19. Demonbabywearspamps

    What happens to a diaper with steam?

    I left my diaper on the counter while i took a very hot shower for 30 minutes. I got out to put it on and the outside had water on it and I'm worry it won't work as well once i wear it due to all the steam that was in the bathroom.
  20. Demonbabywearspamps

    What version of Overnights are these?

    Could someone tell me about these version of overnights? I got them from a 3rd party reseller.