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  • Hey! Fellow DL in Mexico here. I'm not sure how to send messages so I hope you read this.
    Hola David! Aqui te leo :)
    I am interested in your book where the lost boys meet but is not available on Amazon do you have link for others sides where to order it as ebook
    Heya, dont know how to send a PM using the mobile UI. I'd be interested in your novella too. Sounds promising.

    Was great chatting with you.

    I'd love to chat some more, but it appears as though you've exceeded your limit on stored messages. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Also great story, that was some good writing :)
    Hi, I saw your post about the book you're writing. I just helped someone else with writing a book called black thorns, and wouldn't mind taking a stab at helping you out too. Is there something in particular you're looking for help on, or more of just general inqueries and ideas?
    Hi kik91. It's me, BAP21. I was part of your cool contest and I'd love to read your books. Please send me a digital copy of them. Thanks a ton!!!
    Hola! Como estas? =) I'm learning espanol and it says you're from Mexico, so I figured why not practice with someone who knows it? ^_^ (I can't do the n with the ~ or the accents though, which stinks :/)
    Yeah, you bet I'm from the Netherlands :D, want some legal weed? I guess Bittersweet and Neverending Story are my favourite ones, but I haven't listened to their cd in a long time, what about you?
    Hola :) Mas gente de Mexico! :D Bienvenido (Aunque puede que sea un poco tarde para darte una bienvenida).
    Welcome to the site heard you got a book that your writing and want to get it published. More power to you my fiiend. :) I am also in the middle of writing a book and you might want to take a look at it.
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