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Thread: Advice, I outed a gay ABDL teen to his mother.

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    Default Advice, I outed a gay ABDL teen to his mother.

    I need some advice. On Friday I was browsing my favorite ABDL YouTube accounts and I noticed that someone had put their phone number and name in a comment. I never contact any of these, but out of curiosity, I did put the phone number on Facebook.
    This came to a middle aged woman. I looked into her friend's list and discovered that the name and was her sons. Her son seemed really young in his profile image.
    Normally I would never do this, but if I was a parent I would want to know if my child was giving out his phone number in such a manner. The video was ABDL related and his other public comments were all on ABDL (male) profiles.
    As a gay ABDL myself I have no issues, but I just felt I needed to contact the parent. So I did.
    I created a fake Facebook profile and sent her a message (images below) initially I thought it would take a while for her to see it as if you are not friends it shows up as a message request. However today she contacted me back.
    She told me her son was only 14 and profusely thanked me, but I still feel terrible about outing her son. That was not my intentions at all, but he had his real name and phone number for all to see. If this boys friend or anyone he knew ever saw this his life would be ruined. I wanted his mother to help him with his internet security.
    I told her a bit about the community, what it is called, and even provided her some links to do some research. She seemed pretty lighthearted about the ABDL and the gay side of things and seemed more concerned with him sharing his name and phone number. Which is what I was hoping for I guess.

    I donít know what do you guys think? Was I in the wrong to out someone in the teens in such a manner? It seems like it will go well, but I just feel terrible. I only wanted to help protect him, and now I feel like I should have just left it alone.
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    sometimes you have to follow what your gut says... if a kids stupid enough to put their name and phone number on youtube they deserve to have someone tell there parent, better that then some predator picking them up and making them into kabobs.

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    I've done this a couple of times already, probably saved some teens from child abusers or pedophiles, but I try real hard to not reveal their little secret, like if they are AB/DL or gay, I don't think it matters, their safety is my concern only.

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    I would also like to know if any of my children were posting personal information online. You did the right thing.

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    Better you call him out , then somebody like Ted Bundy call him in ,you could potentialy have just saved the kids life.

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    You definitely did the right thing. There's a lot of perverts and weirdos out there you most likely saved him from a sexual predator or worse.

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    You did the right thing. That boy must feel like he has a huge burden lifted from his shoulders now that his mother knows about him being gay and an ABDL (and taught him about internet privacy).

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    Thank you guys, I think I made the right choice. I ended up talking with her and giving her a bit of information. I also told her a bit of my own experiences as well as a few websites to research before she made up her mind to talk with her son. I have received a bit of negativity on Tumblr (Oklahomadiaperboy) but for the most part everyone has been positive.

    I just felt that if I was in the mothers shoes I would want to protect my son, even if that means having to out him.

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    There is absolutely no question here: you did the right thing. Anyone who would give you and flak or "negativity" has never had children and does not understand what parents worry about all the time. Mine are grown, thank goodness, but even that does not stop me from worrying that they will fall victim to someone who decides he wishes to harm them. It is, sadly, the world we live in.

    If one of my children had done such a foolish thing, I would definitely have wanted to know, and I'll tell you how I would have responded:

    I would have immediately had a talk with him about internet safety and, without further ado, had him remove that post. In doing so, of course, I would be letting him know that I was in on his secret, so I would let him know that gay is fine with me, but I would defer our conversation on the other topic until I had done some research. Then I would do it, arming myself with information so I understood more about something so utterly bizarre before sitting him down to discuss it. But PRIORITY #1 would be getting that post offline.

    My reading of this mom is that it was hers as well. You were 100% in the right.

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