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  • It hadn't occurred to me that you could or would undelete the original. I was miffed for about 10 seconds until I realized it gave me a lot more flexibility. I meant to stick to the original. With the original there as reference, I can go other ways if I want. I may have to step back and rethink this a little.
    I could always delete it again if you'd like. :)
    Nah. Leave it. Already thinking through how to use it.
    BTW ... I was going to bring it to PM, but your inbox was full. And with you being a mod going off topic too, I figure I couldn't get in that much of trouble, since ... well you technically started it XD. Anyway, sorry if you don't like me arguing with you. I realize I must come off annoying I guess.
    Also wanted to send out a friend request because I think your too awesome! ^^
    Nope just popped out of tall grass and walked away. Avoiding pokemon battles ^^
    I posted a "do do n-doodit" on your blog! Happy Day -Marka :grouphug:
    Hi ICkaraokegirl, just want to say that I really appreciate the tips that you gave me, and I wanted to say Thank You. It was really nice of you.

    Have a blessed new year ahead.
    You know I love reading your posts & your stories & blogs! :)

    I'm very well thank you! I wasn't very active on this site for a while and apparently some major drama went down. So returning here (at first) felt a little bit like I had cheerfully walked into a place destroyed and crumbling, littered with bodies. I looked around a while longer though and it's all good, now.

    Happy to hear your husband is interested in trying some caretaking stuff with you! My little girl / BF and I are doing very well ourselves. :) Mom's also been nicer to me ever since the hospital incident. Therapy is going great, and I think the medication from my MD is working!! I'm very happy these days! How are you?
    Hey Kerry, this song reminded me of you and your R&J story: Here In Heaven / Sparks - YouTube
    Just a note. In the Forum section above is a Fiction area where members can show off their writing skills. I know you're working on some major writings, but if you have a short story or a preview, please share!
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