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  • J
    Yes, and it is the best game I have ever played
    Wow, it sounds like the quality is much better compared to the ones they make now (even though I like them). How were you able to get them? Did you buy them off ebay or just held onto them from when they were in production?
    They're amazing! They have a very smooth plastic backsheet, and smell like a baby diaper should smell. They form fit around your privates to make a cocoon of diapery goodness. Once you wet them they form even more solidly around your crotch, and swell up and become all wet and squishy. A size 6 will hold 1 full bladder void, and about half of the second. They also absorb very quickly, so for an adult to be able to let his bladder completely loose, and let the diaper absorb it without leaking is amazing.
    You have vintage Luvs? I'm so jealous! I haven't had them since I was little; care to fill me in on what they're like?
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