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  • Hey buuuudddy... I was going to send you a PM, but it seems your inbox is full. I was wondering if you still do drawings for friends, or at least for people that offer to pay. :p
    No nothing really exciting we put up a bunch of shelves in the garage so its now neat!. Where'd you get an interview at? I'm trying to finish up some last details on our honeymoon in May. nothing real exciting.
    Things are good. I saw your gchat yesterday to late I was working in the garage when you originally and gchat.

    Not much going on short of work. What's up with you.
    alrighty, one more detail and your main character design is done: your favorite equation?
    Congratulations on being one of the winners =) - Ooook, I'll start bugging you tiger-lion boy =D: first of all, do you have more options for the clothes? second, can you explain me better how your stripes and spots behave and what care should I have for placing them? finally, do you like bugs? XD is there any you especially like? Love your art by the way =)
    Hey man! ^^ thanks for the blog comments!

    Hows life? :) Having a good year so far?
    wow that is pretty insane :eek: though honestly those hallucinations sounds kinda cool (even though I'm sure it's not)

    My bf is a business major thankfully lol! We just went in there because I was curious~

    I'm so jealous~ He looked SO COOL <3 I'm praying that someone gets me him for Christmas~
    yes yes! Isn't that insane? I'm sure they had something similar at my boyfriend's school but I don't know. It's just so crazy! I cannot imagine~

    I want the Scar plush toy :< The elephant doesn't call my attention no matter how soft he is~
    Those places sound nice! When the spring thaw happens, I'm going to have to do some hiking :) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I was right in the middle of finals week when I emailed you and time got the better of me.

    In california, I lived in both Fresno (next to Yosemite and Kings Canyon national parks) and in San Francisco (numerous parks in the area). I used to go hiking about once a week. It was great to keep fit. I moved to the midwest for a job and a new adventure. I am definitely homesick for cali, but I like it here too. I am in school so I will be here for a while to come.

    Anyhoo, hope all is well and happy new year. Feel free to add me to yahoo messenger as 'thickdiapers' if you would like to chat some day.

    Hi-- Very nice profile! We have a lot of the same interests, especially hiking. Although I have to admit, I havent gone hiking since moving to the midwest 6 years ago from california. Where's a good place?

    Stay warm,

    Really Tygon, you're from the UP too? I always wonder if I know the person when I hear they are from there lol. Full of Finlanders :3 I'm from Negaunee.
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