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  • Dude, honeymoon in Europe--you're gonna love it. What countries are you visiting? Have you two been to Europe before?

    In response to one of your away messages--I went to Spain as part of a school trip and everybody lost like 5-10 pounds in the week we were there. The meals were all organized for us by a tour guide and everybody received the same thing, with little opportunity for snacking. That and, like the denizens of the cities we visited, we walked everywhere. But as for not liking the food? Oh, no way, not a chance XP. It's amazing. Though in the countries I've been to, vegetables seem to be more prominent parts of meals than they typically are in American food, so it might be healthier.
    I'm good as well. It's been busy. Went on an interview and got a job offer, so that's good. Now I've just gotta see if I can find a decent apartment for a decent price... harder than it seems.

    Doing any cool projects in the garage?

    Happy holiday weekend :)
    Hey, how's it going? I keep meaning to message you in Gchat, only to realize that it's waay past the time that 9-5 folk are usually awake >.<
    Oh, really? Thats really nice! But my question is how can you afford all of those? Did you collect over time?
    I see you don't have enough diapers. (SARCASM) Hello there!
    Lol, that's what a lot of people say... I've got a feeling I'm going to be saying it, too, pretty soon--graduating this December.

    I take it you went to Tech? I see your occupation is EE...
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