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    Seriously, you need to make a thread about nothing but regaling the children with hilarious stories from your place of business. Or at least do a weekly blog with the best story off the top of your head.
    hey, im trying to get some help with a wrt110 router, the forum post is closed, and i dont have 15 posts, so i cant message you, my email is [email protected] if you could get back to me with your email
    I just sent u a add request...if u ever want to talk let me know...all my messenger text and email info is on my profile...your friend and brother in jc-kevin aka waslost1234abc aka baby trevor...
    my dad got his PC from costco. I wish I could of bulit the rig myself but he wanted a 25 inch screen anyway.

    The first computer was DOA. So I had to call up HP since Costco was closed, same with the concierge service. The tech at HP thought it could be the RAM needed to be reseated, so I did that and the PC still wouldn't turn on. So in the morning me and my dad had to pack the WHOLE bundle bck up and exchange it.

    Rather then you know, just taking the PC tower back. Return was simpler then bestbuy sure, but still a fucking pain in the ass as you probably know.

    Last 3 PC's we ever bought out of a store were DOA.
    Well, there's only one picture there, so I had to assume that was all you had ever seen. A truck!
    Hmm... Do you know who your father is? Mine's a deadbeat in Tenesee... I know the chances are almost impossible, but wouldn't it be weird? I do know that my (biological) dad was a sperm donor at one point, so that could be as well... Freaky.
    HOLY FUCK. Sorry for the 'fuck' part, but that's exactly what I said when I saw your picture. You look JUST like me... So much so that I'm actually kinda scared about it... I'm 17, as well, too... Where are you from...? Now I'm curious. This is really weird.
    heh, I like all music actually.. I'm too lazy to edit my personal space =p

    Monte Carlo's are nice cars, uncle had one until 2 years ago when he sold it.

    Nice to meet ya by the way!
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